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BRAND NEW MUSIC: The Hated Crew Drops “Body Bags”

The Hated Crew is a hip-hop collective hailing from Las Vegas, NV. Leading the charge is Dan “DJ Zig Zag” Baker, other members of the group include 22-year-old Vegas-based artist Golden The Prophet, 24-year-old rapper KG $ THC, Dj JayFade is a published and promotional model, and a young East Coast rapper from New York called Tax Free. These artists are infusing the old techniques that have been lost with the soul of music that used to exist and combining that with progressive new sounds that are truly original. The result is a sound unlike any other. The group just finished their first album, “The Watchers”, set to drop in October!

“Body Bags” by The Hated Crew is a song that Zig Zag said serves as a statement to the world that they are here to make a major impact on the music industry and “murder the rap scene with good lyrics.” Trust me, he’s not lying! “Body Bags” goes hard from the offset. The performance sees passion and confidence intertwine, delicacy and grit walk side by side, “Body Bags” is given structure thanks to this careful arrangement. It takes no time at all to make your way through this release, once you’re done though it’s likely you’ll be pressing that repeat button. Absolutely worth a run-through or two. It’s a pleasure to discover thoughtful, creative, passionate and smart rap styles among such classic, entrancing beats. Don’t sleep on The Hated Crew!


Listen to “Body Bags” here and connect with The Hated Crew on Instagram!


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