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BRAND NEW: ShyBoy Isn’t Shy In The “Backroom”

Residing in Los Angeles, ShyBoy’s upbeat club music focuses on empowering the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. His seductive sound and alluring tracks make him the one to watch!

ShyBoy’s new single “Backroom” evokes dimly lit dance floors of a different kind.“Backroom” is a sexy new single from ShyBoy, the danceable track bounces through dynamic layers of electronic music while remaining consistently contemporary and addictive. ShyBoy’s vocals range is phenomenal and we can’t get enough! We love his diverse tones and overall positive energy! He takes his listeners on a mind bending musical journey and allows them to escape to the other-worldly soundscape he creates. Described by The GATE as "timelessly fun with vocals that are slick, rich, and addictive” and by Popmuzik as a “delicious gay disco anthem,” we cab’t get enough!

The song’s accompanying music video (directed by Michael Bodie) - which features a cast of characters intertwined in a sultry, pansexual setting that celebrates the evolution of LGBTQ+ leather and kink subculture - was premiered by World of Wonder on their WOW Presents Plus streaming service and described by the WOW Report as a “gritty masterpiece." 

I highly recommend you check out “Backroom” here and read more with ShyBoy below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I was born and raised in Michigan. I loved music and started to develop creatively at a young age. I could hear songs in my head. Gifts from the universe. The more I listened to my inner voice, the stronger the need to create music and the more my talents emerged. I’m really happy I followed that instinct.

Your vocal register is amazing! Have you had any professional training?

I was in choirs and musical productions all throughout high school. At the time, I was doing it because it was fun and it held my interest. What I didn’t realize back then was that it was a training ground for me, and I was clocking hours that would serve as a strong foundation for my music career.

We love your spicy new track “Backroom”! Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics?

I wanted to come up with something that really complimented the vibe of the track. After considering different types of stories to tell, I ultimately decided that it was best to keep the words simple. It’s really a song about sexual freedom and sexual connection, and how they intersect in dark corners and backrooms of clubs and bars. It was very exciting to create a music video for it, and to be able to tell a story of pansexuality, leather, and kink in sexy LGBTQ spaces.

Who are your musical influences? Why?

Prince, mostly. I was immediately enchanted and entranced by everything he put out while I was growing up. His music shaped my outlook on artistic evolution and helped me to remain open to creative change.

What’s next for you, ShyBoy?

I’m working on new songs and a new live show with my collaborators and producers Jeff Hoeppner and Mark Nubar. My next single, “U Can Get It,” picks up where “Backroom” leaves off, and we have numerous other singles and videos to follow.


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