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BRAND NEW: Stone The Druggist Just Dropped "Burn Slow"

Stone the Druggist is a group from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed originally in August of 2018 when members Jasper Forrest and Austin Manning released their first EP. Their sound is unique and is laden with psychedelic qualities and funky grooves. For the last several months, they have sought out two new band members, bassist Andrew Ford and drummer Liam Buttrick. Since then, their sound has evolved slightly into a more modern, gritty and expansive sonic landscape which can be heard on their upcoming EP release called “On the Other End”.

“Burn Slow” is a single from Stone the Druggist’s upcoming EP. The first thing the listener is met with is a funky groove with a four-to-the-floor drum beat, a solid bass guitar, and a great syncopated groove from the guitar. The vocals in the verses are raspy, rhythmic, and have an almost rapping quality to them. The choruses by contrast are much more expansive, with string samples, and more tender and melodic vocals. Each instrument in the arrangement can be heard clearly, which is nice for a song with such intricate rhythms. The musicianship of the band is superb, with the funky vibes coming out very naturally; by contrast, the overall vibe of the song is ever so slightly dark, with some eclectic electric guitar sounds breaking up the song nicely in the middle. This isn’t your typical happy-go-lucky funk tune, and we recommend you give it a listen today!

Check out the brand new single "Burn Slow" here. Read more exclusive details about Stone the Druggist in our interview below!

Thanks for answering some of our questions! First of all, how did you meet and become a band? How did it all come together to form Stone the Druggist?

Jasper Forrest (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard) and Austin Manning (Guitar and Keyboard) have been long time friends, playing and writing music together in a couple different projects. Stone the Druggist was started when Jasper and Austin wanted to expand their musical ideas past the blue rock outfit of their last project Fools Paradise, and explore the unique sound they had created whilst jamming together in the summer of 2018. We released our self-titled EP in August of 2018 and have since added Andrew Ford (Bassist) and Liam Buttrick (Drummer) to the band. Andrew and Liam have been long time friends writing music since their early years of high school. They have added their own distinct taste and sound to the band and have helped shape and create the Stone the Druggist you hear today.

As Boston residents, how would you describe the overall music scene there?

Although Boston has much to offer with regards to its venues and a strong college scene, it still brings a strong feeling of isolation within the circuit. Without a doubt Boston has seen its fair share of immensely successful bands and musicians, but it has been rather quiet in the last couple of years. That being said, we’re hopeful that we can help contribute to a resurgence within the local music scene.

Who would you say, collectively, are your greatest artistic influences?

Between the four of us, our band has a plethora of influences such as Tame Impala, The Smiths, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, and Foals.

Would you mind briefly describing your creative process? How do the songs come together?

In the beginning, our creative process consisted of a lot of individual ideas that have been fine tuned for months. The ideas are then presented to the rest of the band. After this the rest of us will then take the time to learn both the song structure as well as add our own creative input. The songs are then completed in a band setting.

What can we hope to see from Stone the Druggist going forward?

Stone the Druggist is all about taking risks, pushing ourselves as artists, and exploring self expression through this medium. In the future we expect to expand both our sound and sphere of influence.


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