Brandon B Has Us Bouncing to The Sounds of "Expensive Habit"

The pristine ocean tides of Santa Barbara, CA, have brought some of the most talented recording artists in modern history to the world's shores. Swimming in slightly more obscured waters just a bit further out is regionally recognized songwriter and producer Brandon B.

Blessed by the rap gods, Brandon B expresses himself through creative, witty Hip-hop with a dramatic yet intelligent edge. Not without merit, Brandon B and his co-producer Elliott Lanam have already written and produced with some pretty big names in the music industry, such as Katy Perry, Too Short, and Michael Marshall from 80s smash hit 'Rumors' and 'I Got 5 On It' fame.

Doing what he does best with an old-school flair, Brandon B brings light to his single "Expensive Habit." Carried out through effervescent energy that comes swimming through your speakers, the fortified vocal tone that Brandon B has adopted truly emphasizes the upbeat liveliness in the instrumentation.

Speaking on an array of expensive habits that have Brandon B living a lavish lifestyle, we can't help but latch ourselves onto the lyrical dexterity he exercises through clever verses and highly anticipated punch lines. What we love the most about "Expensive Habit" has to be the fact that it's a vessel for the nostalgic days of classic Hip-hop, heavily playing into the roots that raised the genre. Emitting an unmatched swagger that lingers from every word performed, Brandon B holds onto this mass appeal that has people flocking to his unapologetic persona.

He says it how it is, and that's the type of authenticity we need now more than ever. Transporting us to glimmers of 80s electronica in the musical foundation, this is the type of song that will have you bobbing your head along to the grooves-infused atmosphere it portrays. Steadily making his mark on the route to mass success, Brandon B has that finesse that we don't ever want him to kick.

Congratulations on the release of “Expensive Habit.” We love the energy that you bring forth in this track! What moment or story shaped your inspiration on this record?

It's interesting because I was about halfway through recording the album and the inspiration for the title finally came to me. Professional studio time is expensive. And while I have a great career and family, writing and producing music is pretty much considered a hobby, like playing golf or going to the gym. I prefer to call going to the studio a habit. No drug connotation though. If some folks wanna take it that way then go for it. Could you please take us into the creative and recording process that you experienced when bringing life to “Expensive Habit”?

My engineer and production partner, Elliott Lanam, owns Hidden City Studios in Santa Barbara, CA. Read the client list on his website and you'll find that a lot of big names have graced those mixing boards and vocal booths. I have a fond memory of a special studio session on a Saturday afternoon last summer. I needed to come up with the last 4 bars of the 1st verse of the song Expensive Habit when inspiration struck mid-session. The lyrics poured out "I drink 1942 I'm in another tax bracket / obsessed with music I'm a studio addict / it costs a little something but you know I have it / no chance of rehab for my expensive habit". Elliott yells "WOOT The kid can write!!" LOL. I celebrated and reveled in the notion that I was blessed by the writing gods that day. From your well-rounded experience in the music industry, what has been the best piece of advice that you’ve applied to your career?

DJ Z-TRIP told me early on to watch the drinking and not let it become my main priority. Just focus on writing and producing music quality that can stand the test of time. Appreciate and find inspiration in ALL forms of music. How does it feel to hold onto the roots of Hip-hop when the new wave of the genre takes a vastly unique twist?

I love this question. In my opinion, it feels inauthentic and fabricated when a 40-year-old artist blatantly takes a b-line and starts doing trap shit. Or rapping with repetitive phrasing or using the same cadence that the younger generation is using just to be relevant. Let the new wave of artists do that shit. Stay true to who you are and make the most authentic music you can. How does "Expensive Habit" speak to yourself as an artist and individual?

I'm really proud of how far I've come and the quality of music I am creating now. The album and title track clearly demonstrate my ability to write and produce. It's the ultimate validation to myself that I am talented and clever. Writing lyrics like "I'm not a teen that's running credit schemes and frauds / 13 pairs of jeans on my own credit card" is my own unique way of being clever and staying true to myself. The album is littered with lines like that. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom type of shit. But more like a Mastro’s Steakhouse bathroom if we’re gonna get all specific and shit. Give the album a listen and play it loud enough to disturb your squareass neighbors. See if they can appreciate it as well. Cheers.