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Brandon Rivers Debuts "Delete My Number."

As an artist who appreciates the elements of many genres, Brandon Rivers emphasizes an integrative performance piece. Recently debuting track "Delete My Number.", Brandon Rivers hopes to set his artistic abilities on full display. With inspirations stemming from artists such as Drake and Prince, Brandon Rivers hopes to create a category that contains a variety of soundings. Dabbling in features from Trap, Pop and Alternative/R&B, Brandon Rivers brings "Delete My Number." to listeners to establish his contemporary sound.

We're introduced to an atmospheric environment with Brandon Rivers track "Delete My Number.", which carries the same melodic and chill production throughout the track. "Delete My Number." holds the message you're probably already thinking it holds, and Brandon Rivers accentuates the intended story with his smooth fanatics. Brandon Rivers has increased his flow with "Delete My Number." where we observe he's more transparent and loose with the execution of the material. As an artist who instills an alluring and stimulating feeling into the listeners of his songs, Brandon Rivers brings the Pop/R&B community a fun-loving story with "Delete My Number." We're intrigued to see what Brandon Rivers will create next, and what genres he'll decide to incorporate within his sound.

Listen to Brandon Rivers "Delete My Number." here.

For those who may not have heard from you, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Brandon Rivers, I’m a London based R&B/Pop artist, originally from the New Forest. What has been the highlight of your musical journey so far?

My last release ‘GIRLPLAY.’ was featured on BBC Radio 1 a couple of times last summer, from that I was invited to perform at Camp Bestival and then invited onto Bobby Friction’s show for an interview and performance. What was the creative process behind "Delete My Number" - who did you work with on the track? I write, perform and produce all my music myself, usually on Logic, I think it was a late night last summer that I wrote Delete My Number, after getting it completed in London I took it to a studio in Southampton to get it touched up and mixed properly, I performed it literally 3 days later at Camp Bestival which was amazing.

Did anyone inspire you to write this track?

It was inspired by a girl I used to know.

Did you draw any inspiration from any other artists/tracks?

I think I was inspired by a lot of Drake and Young Thug when writing this one, I think you can hear that in it’s heavy bass and atmospheric sound. What can we expect from you through 2020?

New releases every 8 weeks, music videos and festival dates in the summer.



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