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BrandosLife Tells A Tale Of Wanting Intimacy While On The Road to Self-Discovery In “Savior”

BrandosLife is a 21-year-old rising singer-songwriter, producer, and performer from North-West London, England. Brando's music, which has a strong R&B foundation, is his own special recreation of the nostalgic 1990s with a modern infusion.

The sole purpose of BrandosLife's music is to move people. Whether that happens through the exploration of personal experiences or music that makes you want to dance. He clearly understands how to connect with his audience through his "can't get this out of your head" melodies and pop-like poetry, ripping off the band-aid and expressing what words cannot.

"Saviour" is an upbeat R&B song about the uncertainty of love and the difficulties of listening to your heart when your mind is racing. This song is about the internal struggle of trying to suppress the desire for intimacy while on the path of self-discovery. This sexy song has heavy-hitting lyrics and a catchy beat you will have a hard time not dancing to. BrandosLife calls out for love and intimacy in this powerful banger that has notes of classic R&B, dance hall, and modern rap music.

The moment this song begins, you feel a connection that starts from the gut. "Saviour" is the embodiment of the idea that sometimes we need to internally picture what we really want with assurance and purpose. How can I just make you see that you and I were meant to be?

BrandosLife’s enticing vocals and purposeful lyrics are something else. You will be taken to yet another level of musical satisfaction with this sex-inducing song.

Thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic, BandosLife. "Saviour" is a purposeful and sexy song that talks about intimacy and flirtation. Do you think you practice what you preach when you put your intentions out there?

If I'm being honest, I really don't. I'm so shy when it comes to making moves on people, haha. Definitely stems from a small bit of fear of rejection, but we are getting there slowly. All in time and practice. This song has taught me a lot of things; listening to your heart has to be the biggest.

Was there a moment when you weren’t able to express what you intended with "Saviour?"

Yes, it's still an everyday struggle. Being vulnerable to your feelings is scary. You're essentially letting someone see that I believe to be in yourself in your purest form. It's daring and brave pulling your guard down but extremely healthy. We all gotta find someone that we can be open and honest with, whether that's friends, family, or the person you're feeling.

How do you think this song will help people struggling with their self-awareness and intimacy?

I hope that "SAVIOUR" gives people something to fall back on; all the themes are universal. It's likely everyone will go through a phase of having to be transparent with their feelings/desires. Once you come to grips with what you want, whether that's visually first, it's just a matter of time before putting it into practice. I hope it inspires people to live in the moment, be unreserved and act on special feelings that they try so hard to deny. Allow yourself to be open to love and all its layers. It's human.

Is there something you would like to tell yourself from the past through this song?

To stop being so afraid and stuck in your head. It's 100% worth it to say how you're feeling, especially for your mental health. Take it all in baby steps. You'll know when you're ready.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on a few songs here and there, so hopefully two more singles by the end of the year. Other than that, just doing some shows around London to further get my name out there and promote "SAVIOUR."

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