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Branwell Black Comes in Strong with His First Single "What You Want"!

Nothing is getting in the way of Branwell Black and his journey as an artist. Originally from France, Branwell’s entrance into the world of music started at a young age, when he started taking piano and vocal lessons. After this, he discovered a passion for dance, specifically modern jazz, and shortly after started a band with his brother Morgan Black. Together, they fed their passion for music and performing. After moving to London at 18 to focus on studying and modeling, Branwell decided it was time to rediscover songwriting and start fresh in the music industry. He uses songwriting as a way to process the events in his life and transform them into something tangible that can be enjoyed by everyone around him. Don't worry, he didn’t leave dance behind forever, and still likes to incorporate it into his live performances. He believes this adds an element of complexity to his shows and allows listeners a full experience of his music.

Branwell’s first single as a solo artist does not disappoint. "What You Want" blends EDM, Pop, and Rock for a powerful, enticing first song. This is layered with beautiful vocals and harmonies that fill out the track.  He skillfully pours emotion into his lyrics, allowing listeners to be transformed by the energy of the song. An important quality for artists in any genre of music is to convey feelings in a way that will touch the hearts of others, and ‘What You Want’ is definitely an example to follow.

Listen to "What You Want" by Branwell Black here!


Thanks for chatting with us today, Branwell! How long has your first single been in the works for?

Well, I started writing the lyrics about a year ago actually - when I first met my producer. The song’s been through some different phases with finding the right sound for me as I like to envision how the songs I write can be performed. I’ve been working on a few songs with this vibe to soon release an EP – I'm pretty excited about that!

What is the songwriting process like for you? Do you typically work by yourself or collaborate with other writers?

Good question! Unless I’m writing with my brother, usually I start playing chords or a melody on the piano and sing how I’m feeling, it’s organic for me. Honestly, I think I’m generally seen as someone who keeps their emotions to themselves, so I put what’s too hard to hold out on my songs.

You’ve done your fair share of working in arts over the years, would you ever shift your focus to dance or modeling full time? Or do you think music is your ultimate job?

I’d never want to think of music as a job but as a successful passion which is my goal. Modeling & Dance are two hard worlds to be a part of, the stakes are high and so is the competition, I enjoy utilizing what I have from them, but I don’t think I’d want them fulltime no. 

It must require a lot of stamina to dance on stage during your live performances! Did you have to go through extensive physical training?

I used to dance up to 16h a week before I moved to London & before that I was a long-distance runner - I’ve always been a bit obsessed with cardio, so I guess that’s where I get my energy on stage & I idolized 80s Rockstar's doing split jumps like a kid, that helped.

You mentioned you were preparing for some festivals in 2020, any specifics on where you might be performing?

It’s early days yet but I’ve been applying for some festivals, yes! It all depends on what they’re looking for but I’m preparing an EP to release next year and working on choreography for the songs so I’m hoping to get some festival opportunities, fingers crossed.


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