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Break Bread with SuckaFreeMeech

Hailing from Upper Darby, PA, SuckaFreeMeech has a burning passion to create and produce content for his fan base. Expressing all of his stories, emotions, and thoughts linger in his mind, heart, and soul, SuckaFreeMeech uses his moody rap style to invite you into his SuckaFree World.

Delving into his unapologetic persona, SuckaFreeMeech presents his latest track, “Baguettes,” to his rapidly growing fan base. Applying the pressure in an unforgiving manner, SuckaFreeMeech takes us through his lyrical dexterity as he uses dark hues to cast a mysterious shadow on the intriguing body of work he places forth.

The rowdy cadences that he emanates have us moving towards the bass-heavy progression right on the beat. Converging the lyrical thumps that effortlessly explode as they touch down, SuckaFreeMeech is no stranger to flaunting his heart on his sleeve like the latest fashion.

Taking his talents to the next level, the rawness divulged in his musical creations is syncopated with the values that hold as an artist. Painting vivid imagery through the intricate wording he places into the realm of prevalence, SuckaFreeMeech displays a universe of his own that can hold his audience as well.

Establishing his name while asserting his dominance, “Baguettes,” is not only forward, but buoyant with the energy that is delivered. Consistently maintaining the grass on his greener pastures, SuckaFreeMeech has done it again with “Baguettes.” Amplifying his dynamism in strides, we invite you to take in the hype that is SuckaFreeMeech.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SuckaFreeMeech, and congratulations on the release of, “Baguettes.” What inspired the lyrical content heard in this track?

I went to Miami for the first time prior to writing the track. The overall experience I had was the purpose behind the song.

Could you please take us into the creative process that brought this song to the public?

As far as the creative process, I was inspired and motivated by the Miami lifestyle, and with that being said that’s how “Baguettes” was created.

How does, “Baguettes,” hold up to other songs that you have previously released?

In my honest opinion “Baguettes” is my most popular song at the moment but I’m dropping a self-titled EP this spring which I think will take me to the next level.

With each artist being different, how long does it normally take you to write and record a song? How long did it take for “Baguettes?"

Depending on the song and how I’m feeling at that moment, a song can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Baguettes took me about an hour or so.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is bigger and better things. I’m going to continue to grow as an artist while still networking and learning the ins and out of the business.



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