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Break Fate Empowers Us With Gushing Guitar and a Powerful Message

Sprouting from the broken pieces of a broken system, this London based Pop-Punk band has come to retake their power. Break Fate was formed back in 2017 by lead vocalist Mashana and guitarist Ricky. Fresh out of college, the two musicians battled with their own anxieties about facing the big and scary world. They released two singles, each followed by their own videos and soon were noticed by their drummer, Oliver. It became apparent to them that the entire world must relate to their feelings of anxiety and confusion, so the trio began to write about the experiences that influenced them. Three years later, the band has surfaced with a mission: to enrich and enlighten through their music.

In their new song "Fire", off of their debut LP of the same name, the band addresses climate change, political instability and everything else going haywire on this planet we inhabit. The powerful vocals, unrelenting guitar, and marching drums serve to emphasize the fears we all feel, but imprinting fear is not the song’s purpose; in fact, it’s instilling hope. We live our lives in the fire, constantly being burnt by things we have no control over, but in the wise and powerful words of Break Fate, "When we are not alone, everything is okay".

Stream "Fire" here and check out our exclusive interview with Break Fate below.

Hello Break Fate, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! We at BuzzMusic are big fans of your powerful music. What experiences have you had that influence the music you write?

Hello Buzz Music! Thank you so much for enjoying our music and for featuring us! Our music was born out of confusion about our place in the world and who we were as people. Our lead vocalist, Mashana, wrote the band's first-ever song and the first line read: I will face life with Ferocity. Although the song is short, the song summarises how we were all feeling about ourselves. The song was about becoming self-aware about your shortcomings and aiming yourself towards becoming a better person. That track became a mantra for us. A way of life even. It told us that growing up meant becoming better people and taking care of ourselves. We poured that same energy into our other songs.

The power of your song’s lyrics is magnified by the howling vocals, enthusiastic guitar and energetic drums. How would you describe the band's process of composing music?

We have a weird albeit organic way of composing. The lyrics are written by Mashana or Ricky (lead guitarist) and they bounce ideas back and forth. These ideas range from vocal melodies, guitar melodies or generally just talking about where they want the song to go. Then, once we feel good and excited about a song, we bring in our drummer Oliver who has the fantastic ability to pull the song together and giving it life. We tend to iron out the kinks and experiment more when recording with our producer Takahide George.

You are very vocal about problems existing within the state of the world. What issues are you particularly hoping to change with your music?

I think we are first and foremost concerned about the well being of people. We think that if we can embark on a mission to better ourselves and to do good towards other people then that translates and galvanizes us to do more and fix the issues that plague the world. We understand that this is highly idealistic but we believe aiming high motivates us. Even though we sometimes fail to hit the mark.

You have recently released your debut LP. How else do you plan to grow your band in the future?

Our LP is set to be released on May 1st. We’ve put in place a marketing strategy to find our audience and get them on board the hype train before our album drops. We do our absolute best to engage with our fans via our social media accounts. This way, they’re interacting with us personally. In the future, hopefully, later this year, we plan on going on a small tour around the UK and taking our music to different cities. We want to actually meet people face to face, get to know them and introduce ourselves.


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