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"Break Through" With WRTR's Divine Sound

WRTR is a producer, songwriter, and artist originally from a small village in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

The moniker WRTR was born in January of 2021. While making a name for himself while delivering his memorable vocal production and songwriting skills, he has the ability to make dance songs more cinematic and meaningful through his lyrics, vocal melodies, and his skills as a producer.

Despite his young age of 23 years old, WRTR’s lyric-writing with years of experience accurately treats delicate themes, analyzing human feelings in their deepest truth. Crafting an enigmatic atmosphere of poignant tenors, WRTR brings forth his most recent release of “Break Through.” Being a taste of what we have in store from his forthcoming EP release ‘Spheres,’ WRTR radiates in a heartrending manner that drives home the otherworldly electronic elements basking in top-tier production quality.

The essence of the reverberated vocalization adds textured depth to the sonic canvas as we find ourselves spiraling into the enigmatic notions that WRTR has strategically placed. A lucid ocean of resonance washes over listeners as the dissonance is filtered in an eloquent way. Lyrically the melancholy that is heard in the passion-fueled timbres convey a message of breaking through the storm to find hopefulness, even if it’s the last thing WRTR does.

“Break Through” is an intimate piece of music that effortlessly blends together the ubiquitous talents and heartfelt emotion that allows WRTR to excel in his craft. Accompanied by luxurious harmonies that glimmer in beams of courage, WRTR has a knack for piecing together a narrative that touches the hearts of his listeners far and wide.

Giving us a piece of what we can look forward to later this year, this is only one dimension of WRTR that he emanates through striking ballads locked into definitive allure.

We love the luxurious soundscape of intimacy released to us in the form of “Break Through.” What inspired the themes that we hear in this single? ’Break Through’ is mainly about a past relationship where I felt like I was underestimated and controlled to be a certain way. However, I wanted to turn those memories to be portrayed in an empowering way because that time used to be kind of like a coloring book full of uncolored pictures which with this song gets the colors. Though it might sound like memories grow sweeter with time but for me, it’s really about finally giving myself a voice to tell how I felt back then and how I’m getting through it. In your own words, what does “Break Through” mean to you? Why did you find it important to get this message out to the world? As this song has a personal view of point, it of course means a lot to me. I’m very influenced by artists who can turn obstacles into empowerment and that’s why I really wanted this message to get through. In my opinion, it’s not obvious to not dwell on the past in a way that it could still grow you stronger because sometimes the past can have that power. However, with this song, I hope I could let others hear how the past doesn’t need to have a negative impact on our lives through the experience was somewhat that way. We all have the power to leave it all behind for instance by creativity. What is the music scene like in Finland? Do you find that the musicality running strong there plays into the sound that you have created for yourself? I actually feel like there’s a missing gap for the type of music that I make in the music scene in Finland because I think I haven’t heard this type of ’cinematic’ yet ’pop’ music combined by a Finnish artist. However, there definitely are inspiring acts that I look up to, and therefore, I could say that they have impacted me at least indirectly. It’s also very common that you don’t get to the playlists here without writing your lyrics in Finnish. Even though English is for instance taught at an early age in the country, still most of the listeners currently prefer to listen to music in the Finnish language. Does “Break Through,” reflect the sounds that will be heard on ‘Spheres?' What can you tell us about this forthcoming EP? Yes, it definitely reflects the sounds of ’Spheres’. This EP will be all about this genre of cinematic pop which I like the most and that’s why I love making it with my favorite producer Andreas Pichler from Austria. I’m so happy that I found him and that he’s able to make my dreams come true. I’m looking forward to growing along the journey and share it with all of you.

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