Breaking Free From Boxes in Inthecut’s Release “Tings”

Hailing us from Los Angels is the Afro Panamanian rap duo Inthecut; the members Sincere and Papi Flay spice up their music by bringing in an interestingly contrasted delivery of lyrics and flow. Ranging in styles from Dancehall to Trap to R&B, Inthecut tells us about what it’s like to have a good time. Taking influences from icons from Michael Jackson, Drake, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Scarface, and Lil Wayne, Inthecut introduces us to a never before heard fusion of styles that is understood easily in their newest release “Tings.” “Tings” off the bat is incredibly beautiful and calming to listen to. After leading to the verse where Inthecut’s vocals come in, we are transported instantly to a tropical haven of good vibes. Every element in “Tings” radiates feel-good energy. From the stylistic reversed synths to the incredibly punchy but minimalistic drums. To enchanting performances from both Sincere and Papi Flay that beautifully complement each other. “Tings” is a record that beautifully fuses various styles into one musical experience that we will find our selves putting on every night to ease up and chill out. Since listening to “Tings,” we are incredibly excited to hear what will be next to come from Inthecut. Vibe out to “Tings” here.

Hello Inthecut! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We loved the vibe you created in “Tings”! What was the initial spark of inspiration to write this song? Are there any series of events or stories being told? We wanted to do something for the summer. We thought it was great because it would give us a chance to try something different. We weren’t even going to record the day we did tings. We were recording in my brother’s apartment living room when the engineer’s interface went out. We went with our friend and feature artist @vicuofficial and engineer @mattveirs to the Hollywoodguitar center to look for a new one. While there Vicu told us “Lets make a hit!” When the engineer played the beat the whole room was in shock. My friend Vicu did the first part of the track and hook. My brother Sincere did the 2ndverse of the song and I rapped the 3rdverse of the track. The outcome was insane. The vocal performances from both of you perfectly complement one another, what is it like to write together? Do you each write your own lines or collaborate together and decide who will sing what? I don’t sing. My friend Vicu sang the first part and killed it, It was Sincere’s first time singing and he did great. I just stuck with what I knew and rapped my verse. It was great staying on the same page with different deliveries to bring a total vibe to life. We all wrote our own lines. It took less than 2 minutes to come up with something. Sincere and I look forward to working with Vicu and Matt in the future! Your musical style is quite the blend, with each of you having different influences on how you ground in what the sound of Inthecut is? Do you have any staples that you try to maintain with every song? People tell us that all the time. Our contrast in voice and how they match intrigues a lot of people. I've been around sincere enough to know his flow and vice versa. I usually use lyricism and flow while sincere uses flow and delivery. It works pretty well for us. We switch it up as we go. We want to bring something new to fans and keep them on the edge. That’s why we make it our priority to switch genres every now and then. Sincere wants fans to remember his catchy hooks and lingo. I want people to hear my lyrics be mind blown, and wonder how I came up with it. I think we are a dynamic duo. Since working together, how have each of you grown as performers and writers? How did the two of you meet? Do you have a set location that you like to work on music in? I have been writing since elementary school. Poetry was always one of my favorite hobbies. Sincere has always been in talent shows and performing since elementary school. My uncles and aunts have always kept us around instruments so we have loved music before we learned to walk. Sincere and I are brothers. We started writing to beats our cousin sent us and after hearing a song we recorded in our bathroom he said we should start taking music seriously. Turns out he was right. We really don’t have a specific spot to record. Anywhere there is a mic and a laptop with good acoustics we’ll be there. What is next to come in 2020 for Inthecut?

We have some crazy stuff coming. With a talented team of producers and engineers. We will be incorporating different genres for our debut album dropping this summer. Hopefully we can be back with BuzzMusic for the official release. I always tell people every year is your year if you work hard enough (flay). We wanna change the game. Stay tuned.