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Breaking Into The LA Music Scene, ellie d. Releases Her Brand New Single “Leave A Message”

Southern Cali native, ellie d. is a singer/songwriter who also happens to be an up and coming Indie Pop artist. Growing up in a home with rock influences, there was always some music playing. She has a very soothing sound that paired with her youthful spirit, gives us a fresh addition to the music scene. Her inspiration comes from her deep love for LA and those around her. Making her way to to LA and using her music as a grounding force not to be reckoned with, she is stepping out full force. And now let’s take a look into her latest single “Leave A Message”.

Oh Ellie! Her vocals sound so natural and effortless. I hear this single and immediately get that I am more than this situation and I am still strong! The production of this track gives you such a variety. It has some smooth swindling sounds mixed with an upbeat dance anthem! I can hear the LA vibes blaring through the speakers. There is something so innocent and young yet has a aspect of a vintage vibe throughout "Leave A Message". This single gives you a very soothing trance followed up with a indie pop spirit. Easily a top 50 Billboard record - we can't wait to hear more!

Listen to "Leave A Message" here and find out below what elle d. has in store for 2019!

Hey ellie! Will you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey, I’m ellie d. (Ellie Dubin) and I’m a singer/songwriter and actress from Los Angeles! Thanks for the feature! I love music, my family and friends, and of course my dog Scooby.

When did you realize you had to make music your life passion?

I have been singing and performing probably since I was 3 years old. I remember putting on performances for my brothers when I was growing up. I even made little fake paper tickets in order for them to attend. There was always music playing in our house, no matter the occasion. My dad, who was actually in a rock band in college, raised us on rock music. We listened to The Who, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruce Springsteen. There was one summer I remember when I was younger, my family was in Avalon, Catalina and I saw this girl playing guitar and singing in the middle of the main town square. I thought, wow, I want to do that. So the next year, I brought my guitar, set up next to the pier, and sang for two hours while people came by. It was the best feeling.

How did you discover what sound resonated with you?

Although my background primarily comes from rock influence, I really started connecting with electronic music when I was in college. After attending “GRAMMY camp” a camp put on by the Recording Academy back in high school, I grew a passion for writing toplines for producers and electronic music. While in college, I started working with producers on a variety of tracks and found that my voice suited the electronic world. I also love the way electronic music makes me feel.

What is the message behind “Leave A Message”?

I wrote "Leave a Message” as an anthem to growing up and trying to learn from the past. Many times we get stuck in the past whether it be with relationships or events and it can affect how we carry ourselves in the present. If we focus on ourselves and get don’t pulled back in, we can produce more positive energy in our lives. “Leave a Message” was also inspired by my move back to my hometown of Los Angeles after being away for four years at school. Trying to get back on track after college can be a challenge, but music and songwriting has really been guiding me. I’ve moved on, I'm home in the greatest city, and I’m getting back on track.

What will you be doing musically throughout 2019?

This year I plan to create a ton of new music, collaborate with as many people as I can, and hopefully write an EP.


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