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Breakout Artist Joe Grah Drops Debut Solo Track And Music Video “Who Ya Dyin' For”

After a near-death head-on motorcycle accident in October 2018, Joe Grah spent his recovery time writing music and documenting his experiences. His accident left him with multi devastating injuries including a shattered left clavicle, a crushed left hand, and left foot, multiple fractured ribs, a broken right thumb, internal bleeding, and an anomaly on his left lung. To overcome the overwhelming pain and emotions, Joe Grah spent his time creating a new genre-bending single titled “Who Ya Dyin’ For” full of redemption, perseverance, and mighty grit.

Not only does Joe Grah’s single “Who Ya Dyin’ For” make an incredible comeback, but there are electrifying new visuals to match. The video was filmed overlooking a massive dry lake in Death Valley. Featuring vast landscapes and emotional lyrics, “Who Ya Dyin’ For” is layered with metaphorical brilliance and strength. While the songwriting is the greatest strength, the production and performance alike help elevate everything within to effective levels. From a distance, there’s a simplicity to the sound in “Who Ya Dyin’ For”, an easy rock groove that lights up the room as it should. The closer you get though, the more intently you listen, the taller those personal details and that truthfulness stand amidst the ambiance. An inspiring journey that showcases Joe Grah’s strength and perseverance.

Listen to “Who Ya Dyin’ For” here and read more with Joe Grah in our exclusive interview below!


Hey Joe Grah! It’s such a pleasure to chat with you, especially after what you’ve been through!

It's great to meet you and thank you for taking the time to ask these questions. My girlfriend played a massive part in my recovery process. However, the defining moment, when dark turned to light, was the day I woke up and began to write and record my way out of that place of pain and isolation.

What was it that got you through your incredibly difficult recovery? 

Thanks, Who Ya Dyin' For is a reflection of a life taken for granted no more.

We’re so captivated by your new single and music video for “Who Ya Dyin’ For”! Can you tell us what this song truly means to you? 

We wanted to capture the decent from a structured, manageable life to isolation, madness, and desperation ala Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with a splash of American Pyscho.

The music video for “Who Ya Dyin’ For” is intense and seems extremely metaphorical! Can you tell us about the concept you were trying to capture during the filming process? 

I'm hoping everyone's schedules will line up in the near future for more shows because there's nothing quite like playing live with JIBE.

We know that your initial accident interrupter some tour dates with JIBE, will you be joining up again with your bandmates in the near future? 

I'm hoping everyone's schedules will line up in the near future for more shows because there's nothing quite like playing live with JIBE.

It was amazing showcasing "Who Ya Dyin’ For" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?

Thank you so much for featuring my new music. I look forward to sharing each of these new tracks with you over the next few months.



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