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“BREATHE IN” By ANDREWBATES Is Like Coming Up For Fresh Air

Self-taught keyboardist, songwriter and producer from Glasgow, Scotland is ANDREWBATES who is mixing ambient elements with pop music to create a combination of different sounds and textures. From originally being introduced to music through playing violin at a young age, in high school he began experimenting with several instruments leading him to create his own music. He has been making music in his bedroom with a laptop and keyboard over the past 3 years and is working towards the release of his debut EP towards the end of the year.

"BREATHE IN" is redefining the pop genre in a serious way. Starting off on a more laid-back note, with vocals that entrance the listener into a tranquil state. I am seriously loving Andrew’s sultry tone of voice that ease you into this catchy track – and I am only a minute into the track. Pull your partner close for this sensual track that will really get you moving in sync with each other. The song picks up traction between verses with a funky and lively beat that blends extremely well with the melodies of each verse and the bridge. The lyrics are deep and structured well showing that Andrew is extremely talented with his words, and knows how to mix them together to make a lasting impression. With fresh beats and lyrics that flow together so smoothly this song is one that you need to add to your daily listens. This up and coming artist is one to watch for and has released a song that is sure to be a hit of the year!

Check out "BREATHE IN" here, as well as the artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic below!


Hey Andrew! What a fantastic track! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Thanks! I’m a bedroom producer from Glasgow and have been making music for nearly 4 years. Throughout high school I played several instruments but towards the end I shifted my focus towards electronic/pop music, writing my own songs and producing music for myself. I’m now a music performance college student just now, focusing on writing and playing keys!

What inspires you to write music and create such a unique sound?

I think I’ve always been obsessed with music, even when I was a kid I was writing songs without even really knowing it. I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t my main focus. In terms of sound, I’d say I take influence from lots of different genres which is why it sounds different. My personal music taste is varied so for one song you can hear electronic elements with pop melodies on top of a trap drum kit. I try to mix several genres into one.

What makes you so passionate about music?

I think because I’m such a huge fan of music, and always have been, I’ve always looked up to my favourite artists and wanted to do what they do. I also think starting from a young age allowed me learn how to produce when it didn’t really matter, I was just doing it out of interest. It wasn’t something I actively wanted to do as a job, but it slowly became more and more important to me as I developed my own sound.

What inspired you to write “BREATHE IN” and what is the meaning behind it?

'BREATHE IN.’ was actually nearly a year in the making. There were several different versions of that song but as soon as I got guitar on the song, everything came together and I wrote and recorded it in the same day. I then spent the next few months tweaking it and making sure it was perfect. Lyrically, the song is about social anxiety and everything that comes with it. The whole song is essentially me talking to myself, back and forth, whilst experiencing bad anxiety. Sonically, I deliberately made the verses and chorus's contrast from one another to represent an anxiety attack and how quickly your mood can change. 

What’s new things can we expect in 2019 from you?

I’m definitely going to be releasing new music. I have new music coming out in time for summer, and hopefully will be releasing more before Christmas this year! Hopefully more collaboration as well!


Connect yourself with ANDREWBATES via the artists socials:


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