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Brenda Carsey Emotionally Delivers In “Stuck On You”

Brenda Carsey is a Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She’s been performing and studying music since the age of five years old. Carsey delivers an engaging, energetic show, seamlessly mixing a unique blend of Alternative Soul and Progressive Pop. Carsey has an unmistakable sound that is modern and unique while somehow simultaneously a retro call to eras gone by.

Brenda Carsey exudes confident vulnerability with “Stuck On You” , an emotionally convicted delivery and inspiring performance. The arrangement of the instrumental ballad was beautifully orchestrated with melodic piano chords that will render your heart and move the listener into the direction of the song. Each line Brenda sings pierces you with it’s powerful touch. The dynamics in “Stuck On You” goes from soft and sweet to passionate and loud, while remaining on key. The vocal belts and riveting range that’s presented in the vocals of Carsey were just unbelievable. “Stuck On You” affects the listener in an admirable way from the moment you hear the first note she sings and through to the end. Brenda Carsey doesn’t only move her fans she gives her listener a sense of freedom to express their emotions through “Stuck On You”. The brand new music video for “Stuck On You” was executed with perfection. The journey you’re swept into is a journey of honesty, passion, and sultry fire. The romantic lyrics could present the theme of addiction similar to the the addiction we feel while listening to this spectacular and groundbreaking offering from an immaculate vocalist such as Brenda Carsey.

Listen to "Stuck On You" here and get to know more about Brenda Carsey below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Brenda Carsey! How has the LA environment influenced your drive to do music?

Los Angeles has been a very motivating city for me. It has inspired me and sometimes forced me to work hard and often, to keep pushing through the muck, to be out in the city often hearing and supporting other fellow artists and musicians and participate in the culture of the city. It can be very difficult to live here as an artist. Financially it's a hustle of constantly finding ways to have income enough to support yourself, to live in a safe environment, and to invest back into your art. Energetically it can be taxing as the energy of this city can be very draining and exhausting on the spirit. But I've figured out a way to use all of the rough edges of this crazy city to carve myself into the artist and woman I am today. I am grateful to call this place my home!

How would you describe your songwriting approach? What’s the perfect inspiration for you to write a song?

My songwriting doesn't really have a specific approach. It's organic and every changing. I allow it to happen when it happens and how it happens. Sometimes it begins with me just playing piano and experimenting. Sometimes it begins with a poem or journal entry I have written that I feel could translate to song. Sometimes it begins with a voice memo on my phone with an idea I got while stuck in my car. I am inspired by so many things -- by my own first hand experience, by love, by society, by observing other humans, by nature. Everything around us is available to be used and transmitted as inspiration into art and creation.

“Stuck On You” was a beautifully done single. What was this song about?

Thank you very much. "Stuck On You" is an older song of mine from what feels like lifetimes ago. It's a song that came around full circle, memories past that I have long sense moved on from, brought back to life through this new musical capturing to tell a story many in my life have told me they have experienced as well. I always felt this song was beautiful and may be helpful for others to hear to know they are not alone in their experience of abuse and unhealthy love. It’s scary to experience abuse of any sort. It's sometimes hard to realize the depth of it all when you're still swimming in it. It can be scary to love yourself, it can be scary to take action towards being a healthier you, it can be scary to walk away, it can be scary to say no...but we gotta or no one else will. 

What’s next for you Brenda Carsey? Any exciting summer plans?

I will have another single coming out very soon so be on the look out for that. Both that single and this current new single "Stuck On You" are on an album called "Sirens" I will be releasing at some point later this year. I will also be heading to Alaska on tour to share some music with folks up there. I am also super excited to begin putting together my team and planning my next full-length giant studio album which will feature songs I have begun to play live like “Home”, “Party’s Over”, “Unfortunate Men” and “Rebel Walls,” that so many people have shared praise and support for both live and across the internet, as well as a slew of other new smash hits. This next full album of new music will be huge! I’m not going to hold anything back. The music will be beautiful and lush and diverse but also tangible and filled with catchy hooks. It will share a large turning point in my creative voice and perspective as a songwriter and growing artist. This new big album will come out after "Sirens" sometime next year. Stay tuned for sure!


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