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Brenda Kahn Says “Alright OK”

Brenda Kahn, who’s been spinning words and melodies into soul-stirring tunes since the 90s, is back on the scene with her latest single, "Alright OK."

Known for her genre-blurring craft, she’s an artist who dances seamlessly across punk, jazz, country, and spoken word. In addition to her tunes, she's a champion for female artists, rallying behind their voices and talents with, her brainchild.

Let's not forget that Brenda doesn't merely confine her creativity to music. She has a children's album to her credit, 'Rocket to the Moon,' and a quirky, relatable book of poetry for moms, "Ode to Chores: the Good, the Bad, and the Laundry". She’s more than an artist; she’s a storyteller, a lighthouse, guiding her listeners and readers towards unexpected shores of insight and inspiration.

With "Alright, OK," Brenda brings us an aural escape to a serene beach. You can feel the sun-soaked sand under your feet as the mellifluous guitar notes flow out. The drums aren’t out to steal the show, but their soft rhythm is a palpable pulse, a heartbeat that reminds you to breathe and sway to the island rhythm.

Oh, and Brenda’s voice! Listening to her sing is like being in a Bob Ross painting. It's a masterstroke of soothing reassurance, creating an emotional landscape that is equally vibrant and tranquil. The lyrics of "Alright, OK" are a heartfelt nudge, a friendly reassurance that it's okay to be lost and find hope in the curves of creativity. The world might be spinning out of control, but let's create our little world and, for a moment, be.

"Alright OK," is Brenda Kahn at her most comforting, uplifting best. It’s not just a song; it's a journey, a guide, a quiet anthem for those who find strength in the thrum of creativity. So, as Brenda serenades us with her hopeful tunes, one can’t help but anticipate the magic she will weave in her future endeavors.

Get lifted with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brenda! Kudos to speaking your soul on "Alright OK," which seems to be bathed in such a calming aura. Could you share with us what led you to create such a soothing ambiance in this song? Hi BuzzMusic! I wrote this song during the pandemic when everything seemed so out of control. I was searching for a sound that felt grounding during a chaotic time. Maybe the soothing ambiance is me telling myself, "It’s gonna be OK."

With the lyrics of "Alright OK," you've woven a tapestry of hope and acceptance. Could you delve a little deeper into the inspiration behind these poignant words?

I love the image of a tapestry of hope and acceptance. The poetry in the verses reflected how I was seeing everything around me. The fragility of our world, like a dragonfly’s wing on one side, and people who stepped up during the pandemic who had superhero qualities on the other, like the lyric "walking barefoot on the sun." The lyrics are also a look back at my life, both good and bad, landing in a place of self-acceptance. Creative expression is the Alright/OK place in my life.

"Alright OK" carries an island vibe that will make listeners feel like they're on a sandy beach. What inspired you to incorporate these laid-back elements into your music, especially for this song? I hear it as melancholy, a place where you’re looking forward and back simultaneously. It’s a pause. I feel there’s a wistfulness about the present moment when you notice it because it’s about to be the past, and just a minute ago, it was the future. It’s the same feeling I get when I walk barefoot toward the ocean, and the water hits my feet. So I guess the island vibe makes a lot of sense. One of the most captivating aspects of "Alright OK" is your voice, which is remarkably soothing and reminiscent of Bob Ross as he speaks while painting. How has your vocal style evolved over the years, and what were your considerations while vocalizing this particular song?

I love Bob Ross and also Bob Dylan! For me, singing this song was a lot like storytelling. And I’ve gone in and out of leaning towards speaking or leaning towards singing, depending on the song, over the years. This one is a little of both.

As an artist constantly evolving, what can your fans expect from you in the future, following the release of "Alright OK"? Can we anticipate more songs with a similar vibe, or are you planning to explore new musical territories?

Throughout my career, I have touched on folk, rock, and elements of jazz and punk. We moved out to Boulder last year, and I am working with other musicians, so we’ll see what happens next. I plan to release singles a few times yearly and am working on a follow-up song now!


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