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Brendan The Navigator and thepaintingcompany Talk New Split Single

In the ever-changing world of music and entertainment, musicians are constantly challenged to change, remain familiar and innovative, and remain true to established popular sounds. It’s hard to stand out in such a hectic world, but for Brendan the Navigator and thepaintingcompany, that challenge is something they’ve come to embrace and excel at.

As prominent members of the band Modern Chemistry, Brendan the Navigator and thepaintingcompany are no strangers to each other or each other’s work. That’s part of what makes their new, joint-release split singles “Animal” and “just a little off” so enticing. The two complement each other astoundingly well, showing a deep understanding of each other’s artistic muse and a wider musical vision.

“Animal,” Brendan the Navigator’s half of the split, is an intimately personal track that explores the complex angst of love and desire without having the courage to act on it. As Brendan drops lines like “How long before I get what I want” and “You know that I don’t get my way,” it feels like he’s given us a window through which we can glimpse his soul.

On the other hand, thepaintingcompany’s “just a little off” is a buoyant pop anthem that serves as the perfect foil to Brendan’s beautiful melancholy. As opposed to the angst Brendan portrays in “Animal” when thepaintingcompany drops lines like the infectious chorus “You’re all that I want (x2), all of the time (x2) there’s a sense of hopefulness and joy, even though nothing is set in stone.

Brendan the Navigator and thepaintingcompany’s new split single is a testament to their remarkable chemistry and the duality of unrequited love. “Animal” and “just a little off” are available now across all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love “Animal” and “just a little off!!”; both songs stand alone distinctly yet complement each other so well! How did this split come to be? It's such an interesting idea. What prompted you to release each of your solo works together?

We've been making music together as Modern Chemistry for quite a long time. Brendan's been recently writing some amazing songs where he's already singing, and it didn't really make sense for me to take over on vocals. I also have tons of music that I'm working on all the time, and it doesn't always necessarily fit the vibe of Modern Chemistry. So, this seemed like a great way for us to expand and share more music with the world. Maybe we're too codependent, but it felt right to start the projects together to show that we're still a team. How did you initially meet and start collaborating in Modern Chemistry? In what ways would you say the band has evolved musically over the years?

We actually went to high school together but didn't start making music together till the second half of college. Initially, we were trying to start a cool band that would be fun to watch in basements. Things slowly started picking up, and eventually, we realized that this is the band for us. So we really started thinking about what music we love and how we wanted to present these songs. Going back through all our music, I think the progression feels natural. Now, we know a lot more about making music and have more control over the sounds and how everything is presented. We can see that you have a special connection with your fans. What has it been for you to cultivate this kind of relationship? What do your listeners mean to you personally and professionally?

I think we're honest with our fans and like to keep things light and fun online. We've been super lucky to meet many great people opening up for other artists like Frank Iero and Taking Back Sunday. These bands have such loyal fans; we've gotten to know many of them over the years. They're supportive of everything we do and seem to be cool with us experimenting with different sounds and styles. We appreciate them so much. It's really something special to be able to see someone who found us 5 years ago still enjoying what we put out today! We're excited to see what's next for you guys! Can we expect to hear more new music for your solo projects or Modern Chemistry? Are you booking any tour dates? We need to know!

You'll be hearing a lot more from us this year. We plan to put out a Modern Chemistry mixtape featuring songs by Brendan the Navigator and thepaintingcompany. We'll also have some new Modern Chemistry songs we'll be releasing with collaborations with other artists we really love.

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