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Brendyn Kyle Strikes a Chord With His Single, "Texas Weather"

Based in Sweetwater, TX., the Country Singer/Songwriter Brendyn Kyle releases his loving and story-like single, "Texas Weather."

Brendyn Kyle has always recognized his passion for live performance; whether it was performing in front of his family with a broomstick guitar, or the rush of the stage today, we're caught in the midst of Brendyn Kyle's infinite talent. With his single "Texas Weather," Brendyn takes us through his deep-running emotions alongside scorching hot country-infused instrumentals. Backed up by an entire band, Brendyn Kyle's sound is so powerful and intoxicating where we can't seem to shake these catchy melodies. With passionate lyricism, Brendyn exudes incredibly pure-hearted emotion from top to bottom. 

"Texas Weather" opens with a mid-tempo crash of rocking country instrumentals. Quickly moving into the first verse, Brendyn Kyle begins singing a story-like tale of his journey with someone, from first meeting them all the way to present-day. Around the hook, he exclaims these incredible analogies that we only seem to find in prime country music. Singing about how the mind is always changing like the Texas weather, sometimes it's predictable and other times not so much.

We can't help but feel this inspirational sensation through the striking instrumentals; there's something about a full band that gives us all the power we need. A beautifully written track with sublime execution, Brendyn Kyle's "Texas Weather" reminds us that love is a constant battle, yet is always worth the effort. 

We love the analogies and deeply-written lyrics within your new single, "Texas Weather." What was your songwriting process like, and how did you come up with these textured lyrics?

I actually didn’t write “Texas Weather”. A good friend of mine named Josh Lovett wrote this tune and it grabbed me the first time I heard it. My manager Clay Dustin, my Fiancé, and I knew this song was a hit and we decided to record it and release it to the radio. Everyone can relate to “Texas Weather”, at some point everyone has had a woman in there life that changed her mind as much as the Texas Weather.

Within "Texas Weather," it sounds as though you were backed up by an entire band. What pushed you to create more of a powerful tune, rather than a heartfelt acoustic with this single?

I really felt like “Texas Weather” needed to be powerful and hard-hitting, with the slide guitar and the groove of the drums and bass that’s exactly what we achieved. You can hear the emotion in the vocals and harmonies that really topped it off as well.

Seeing as "Texas Weather" is your fourth solo single, how does this song relate or differ from your previous releases?

We wanted to keep the “Brendyn Kyle” sound with “Texas Weather” but also make it more powerful than anything I’ve released. My previous singles were more party-driven to get the crowd having a good time but with “Texas Weather” it delivers upbeat music with lyrics the fans can relate to. 

You strive to make music that invokes emotions and memories. That being said, how do you create each song to be unique, yet strike the same emotional chords?

I put myself in each song that I record rather it be one I wrote or one I didn’t. The songs that I write are based on experiences I’ve had in my life and I write them in a way that my fans can relate in some sort of way. I can definitely relate to the lyrics in“Texas Weather” and the emotion came naturally to me when singing it. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a great year for me despite everything that has happened in the world. I signed with SM1 Music Group and met my manager Clay Dustin in January 2020 and everything has been moving in the right direction. Having a solid team in my corner has lit a fire under me and has inspired me to succeed. I’m excited about “Texas Weather” and all the projects in the future.



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