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Brett Wilkins Debut Single 'Last One Tonight' Is Everything You Need In Your Life Right Now!

Releasing his first-ever single, Brett Wilkins is jumping from the stage and into our playlists with his self-written song “Last One Tonight”. This Tampa Bay-based artist, known for his solo acoustic music, loves to cover a wide range of hits by legends including The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, John Mayer and Imagine Dragons. But finally, with his new single, Brett has finally been able to make his own mark on the rock music scene.

With a voice similar to that of Bryan Adams, Brett starts off “Last One Tonight” highlighting his skillfulness and talent in acoustic music. This alone had us drawn in for the ride. Slowly the song builds up, introducing a rhythmic beat and then around the halfway point Brett is joined by a complete rock band ensemble, giving us that sweet rock n’ roll we all know and love. From the epic guitar solo to the beautifully harmonized background singers, the final product sounds so good and so right. It’s hard not to join in as Brett hits his final notes out of the park. This is quite the start to what we are sure will be a bright and successful career for Brett. We are so excited to see where his next single takes us as this first track was quite the ride!

So, please check out Brett’s single “Last One Tonight” on most digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music today! We’re sure you’ll be rocking along in no time!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic Brett! We wanted to start off by saying your single “Last One Tonight” is a solid hit! We’re sure it’s been quite an exciting process to record your own music for the first time, so we wanted to know - what lead to you making the leap and releasing your very own single?

I have the honor of being surrounded by a lot of great musicians in the Tampa Bay area, and many of them have put out some amazing music. They helped and encouraged me to write my own and to never to be afraid to put my work out there, we are.

Did you ever imagine you’d be a professional musician with his very own single growing up?

No. I'm just extremely grateful I was able to get over my fear of performing, taking my best shot at it, and get to do what I love for a living.

“Last One Tonight” starts off with smooth solo acoustics and builds up to a head-rocking jam session, where did you draw inspiration from when writing and producing this song?

"Last One Tonight" was done through my typical song writing process. Just me and an acoustic guitar. I also like songs that have a build up. There is something I like about hearing each layer added throughout the song. A lot of credit goes to my friends Josh and Chantal Lester from Love and Lament. Josh produced the song as he understands my style of writing. The drums and organ you hear on the track is all him. As for the incredible backing vocals, that was all Chantal. She knows my love for Pink Floyd, and that was her way of adding a little Floyd to the song. After she laid down those tracks, she breathed new life into the song and I love it!

We’re sure you have a ton of music up your sleeve, how did you decide to choose this track to be your first single?

I've written a lot of songs in the past, but never put a lot of faith in them. I think Last One Tonight was the result of my lack of fear, musical maturity, and finally being able to develop a message that I really believed in: Spend every day as your last, with the hope of seeing tomorrow.

We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us at BuzzMusic! What does the next year hold for you Brett and how can fans support and follow you through these exciting times?

No clue what is in store for next year. I have a few other songs that I need to develop and record. Currently (and thankfully) I've stayed busy with playing live gigs 5 to 6 times a week and spending time with family. Frankly, I'm hoping this exposure will help me break 1,000 streams on Spotify we'll see. Ha ha ha. As for support, follow my Facebook page, check out the song, and regardless of where you live, be sure to support live music in your area. 


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