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Bri Zoli Channels Her Deepest Emotions with a Soothing Single, "Falling"

Gracing our ears once again with her transcendent vocal stylings, the Brooklyn-based up-and-coming pop artist and singer-songwriter Bri Zoli releases her latest chilling single, "Falling."

While her music captures the essence of heritage through dark classical overtones drenched in modern electronic soundscapes, Bri Zoli is continually seeking new opportunities to broaden her musical horizons. Now planning to release her debut EP later this year, listeners should expect to get sonically swept off their feet.

More recently, Bri Zoli released her emotional and fragile single entitled "Falling." Throughout this delicate piece, Bri Zoli delivers a unique blend of pop and electronic through the sonics' natural ambiance.

Not to mention her relatable and heartfelt lyrical message of wishing to go back in time to better days, Bri Zoli channels her deepest inner emotions while winning us over with ease.

"Falling" begins with plucky electric guitars and samples of rain falling on a window. Once Bri Zoli starts vocalizing her deep and groaning emotions regarding a broken relationship, she puts her audience in this state of transcendence through her brilliant vocal layering and otherworldly harmonies. Floating alongside the delicate production, this track truly captures all the love and desire one can experience.

The song's atmosphere and ambiance are truly superb, as Bri Zoli continues her melodic journey while letting us into the emotions that linger in her mind. We're head over heels for the soothing and calming sonics, as they perfectly complement Bri Zoli's angelic vocal stylings the entire way through.

Feast your ears on Bri Zoli's emotional single, "Falling," and prepare yourself for her debut EP, slated to release later this year.

We're always enamored by your vocal stylings and melodic tones, and your latest single, "Falling," is no exception. What inspired you to create this heavily emotional piece? Thank you so much! A few years ago, when I started teaching myself the basics of production, I would play around with different sounds and ideas for hours (and I still do). I came up with a simple synth chord progression and really loved where it was going; it ended up being the main guitar progression on the final version of the song! I created a demo that night with lyrics and melodies fully laid out. I love when this happens; oftentimes, I'll get a surge or rush of creative energy that comes over me and pushes me into a really deep flow state. It's almost like I have to drop everything that I'm doing to get this idea out that needs to be found, and I won't stop until I find it. When I get into that state, I naturally create from the deepest part of myself. I think that emotion shines through in Falling in a really special way. How did you write your lyricism within "Falling" to not only tell your story but to allow others to relate? I tend to write in a way that's less literal and more poetic and interpretable. I gravitate towards this style of writing because it leaves open space for listeners to think and insert their own personal stories between the lines. There's a beautiful mysteriousness to it, and the writer in me loves telling a story without literally mentioning the main theme. I also love to write free-form poetry that follows a more ambiguous approach, which has definitely positively affected my songwriting style. Could you expand on your creative process for the chilling sonics within "Falling"? Did you work with any producers to achieve such a thorough and transcendent sound? I brought the demo of "Falling" to my friend and producer, Ben Cina, after meeting at an ASCAP Songwriters Workshop back in 2019. We put a lot of thought into how we were going to execute the track so that the emotion would stay intact and translate well. I'm so happy with where we landed; the vocals have an emotional and dark quality, accompanied by edgy and electronic soundscapes. Seeing as you've released two sweet-sounding singles, should we expect the songs to have a spot on your forthcoming EP? Will you present themes within the EP similar to your released songs? I'm still working through what songs will make the EP, so TBD on that! I will say there are many new songs in the works that I'm SO excited about. It'll be hard to choose which to release first! I've been working on my EP with Sam Bierman, and we're really creating something magical. We're taking our time to fully develop the EP, so it encapsulates my art in the truest way possible. Sam and I have really worked together to hone in on how to best showcase my sound and style, and we've definitely found the sweet spot. The EP will definitely be on track with the feel of "Falling," and there's a notable common thread throughout my singles that will tie into my EP's sound. Can't wait to share it sometime soon :) What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you? In addition to "Falling," I have another single coming out this summer called "Sundress," so stay tuned!

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