Brian Buckley Reveals His True Color In "A Thousand Times"

During the quarantine, Brian Buckley was compelled to complete a solo album. Comprising songs that lived a universe away from the safety blanket he felt with his brothers in the band.

Since 2007' 'For Her', having not released any material alone, he reached out to BBB's longtime producer, Johannes Raassina. Working safely and remotely, they finished this new record, entitled 'COLOR,' and are finally thrilled to share it with the world.

One song, in particular, has caught our attention with the bold and cinematic feel it instills. "A Thousand Times" exhibits a myriad of musical elements that tiptoe between futuristic and heartfelt hues as it blasts off into a significantly memorable soundscape.

A true sonic destination unfolding right before us, the storytelling components unveil themselves in both the lyrical motifs and instrumentation that make up this composition. Brian Buckley has a mysterious tone that simmers in his timbres, leaving us anticipating the next lyric each time. As we absorb such a robust concept that lingers in a narrative representing catharsis, we're exposed to a vast array of emotions that he has experienced throughout the pandemic.

Bringing in innovative sounds as the chord progressions float upon a medley of pure tenors, there's something special about "A Thousand Times." It's the essence of hope that surfaces through the music professed as Brian Buckley carries forth an undeniable charm. His presence leaves us wanting more, all while being fully satisfied with what he conveys.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brian Buckley, and congratulations on the release of "A Thousand Times." You bring such bold energy to this song. What was the moment or story that inspired this track?

"A Thousand Times" is an anthem to those willing to back up the one you love. That feeling of being a chameleon for your partner, morphing into whatever is needed in defense of that someone that is your world - but of course, there is a price to pay, a cost - because that infinite kind of love certainly doesn't come free.

What is the meaning laced into this record? How does it fit into the entire concept of "COLOR?"

The song is a dot-connecting the through-line of the overall lyrical approach of the album. COLOR, in its original concept, has everything to do with refusing to see existence as strictly binary. The portrait of the record attempts to make sense of not one perspective of the human experience but multiple. Which, I adamantly feel, is what troubles us all collectively. Societally, it seems as though it is 'our way or the highway,' and I firmly believe that without empathy and compassion, the world will remain in bordered black and white. What a shame that would be, particularly when there is so much colored texture out there to embrace! This collection of songs is an attempt to avoid that entirely.

If we dig into the album a bit more, could you please take us into what it was like working with Johannes Raassina to bring the vision to life?

Working with Johannes Raassina (producer) is, to be blunt, a dream. We worked with him twice before with the band, and when this opportunity presented itself, he was a perfect choice. Johannes has a way of both empowering the artist's authenticity and lifting the best from them without (seemingly) an ounce of effort. He never judges what the song demands and is consistently honest with his reactions. Since this was only my second foray into the solo world (the last was 2007's "FOR HER"), I was notably unnerved as to how to begin. Jo quenched that from the get-go. I am terribly grateful for his talent…

Throughout the pandemic, what has been your biggest takeaway? How have you applied that to your craft?

The pandemic opened a wide array of musical experiences for me. I had to get fill the void of recording without the ability to step foot inside a studio. So I began, piece by piece, building my little haven inside my home office and teaching myself how to press record without an engineer to save the day. Although it took quite a while, I was able to slowly get my footing, and in all transparency, were it not for the quarantine, I most definitely wouldn't have even tried. It has fundamentally changed the way I see songwriting, singing, and ultimately making a record. A silver lining in a deeply and profoundly sad time…

What can listeners expect to hear next from you?

I miss the band. We are brothers and have been creating sound together for over a decade. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced an unwanted separation that I am desperate to dissolve as soon as humanly possible! I would love to work on another BBB album when the time is right and begin playing live when the coast is clear and all safety guidelines can be met with confidence. In the meantime, I'll retreat into my little studio den and continue to create with fervor.