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Brian James Unwraps Holiday Joy In “On My Way for Christmas”

Brian James unleashes a whirlwind of festive energy with his latest holiday single, "On My Way for Christmas." The Michigan native and former lead guitarist for Uncle Kracker brings his brand of country-rock cheer to the holiday season, and it's nothing short of infectious.

Brian James takes a different route in a musical landscape often adorned with slow and sentimental Christmas tunes, opting for an upbeat and fun approach. As he puts it, he combined his love for lively Christmas songs with a dash of personal sentimentality, resulting in a rollicking country Christmas jam that's impossible to resist.

"On My Way for Christmas" bursts with a fast-paced tempo that transforms into the ultimate dancing tune. It is an open invitation to join Brian James at the heart of his Christmas celebration. Brian's ability to keep up with the lively rhythm adds charisma and energy, creating a musical experience that is bound to have listeners on their feet.

What sets this holiday anthem apart is the sincerity behind the storytelling. Brian James hopes to plant the seed that making the effort to be home for Christmas is a gift. In a world that sometimes emphasizes material presents, he reminds us that our presence is more than enough for our families. The lyrics encapsulate the warmth and joy of the holiday season, making it a perfect soundtrack for creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Produced by the acclaimed Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, the track is a sonic masterpiece that marries the festive spirit with Brian James' signature country-rock sound. The jingling bells add a delightful touch, creating a warm embrace that complements the song's upbeat vibe.

"On My Way for Christmas" delivers an unforgettable musical experience. You will want to join Brian James in celebrating the holidays with joy, dance, and the simple yet profound gift of presence. It's a testament to his ability to infuse holiday cheer with an edgy flair, making it a must-listen for anyone ready to groove their way into the festive season.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brian James! Congratulations on the release of "On My Way for Christmas." This track brings a fresh and upbeat twist to holiday music. Can you share the inspiration behind choosing a lively approach for this record, and how did you find the balance between festive cheer and your personal touch on the track?

I've always been a big fan of upbeat and fun Christmas songs. I wanted to write something that captured not only that but also my feelings. I've missed some Christmas with my family, and I just had to rewind and resurface what I felt at those times. The song is just the truth. It encompasses my love for my Mom/family and my love for good, fun music!!

There's a significance in being home for Christmas and the meaningful message behind the song. Please delve deeper into the personal experiences or sentiments that fueled the lyrics and how your family traditions influenced the creative process?

Well, there are many visuals in the verses, and they come from actual experiences. I was raised in the middle of nowhere, and my family is pretty crazy. I D.I.D. run at the snowman and high-kick that sucker right over. My Dad does cut the rug to Chuck Berry like you haven't ever seen. My Grandpa turned me onto gizzard, and if you haven't ever had rhubarb pie, ya outta try it!! And a fun little fact that people wouldn't know is that I have a brother named Christopher. Some think that the line is referring to Kris Kringle. Prerry funny how that worked out.

What was working with Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios like? How did this collaboration contribute to shaping the unique sound of "On My Way for Christmas," and what was the most memorable aspect of the recording process for this particular song?

You know, Chuck and I have known each other for a while. We just never did get together on a project. This song was a shot in the dark when I reached out to him because I thought he'd be perfect for it. When I reached out, I couldn't believe it when he replied, "Be here in the morning." That doesn't happen in Chuck Alkazian's world, so I took it as a sign and was right. Working with Chuck has been an actual match in the studio. The most memorable part of this recording was after we did the vocals and listened to the song completed for the 1st time. We just looked at each other, laughed, and smiled; that is exactly the relationship an artist should have with their producer. He's incredible.

How do you approach creating music that resonates emotionally and invites listeners to engage physically, especially in the context of a holiday-themed track?

So when my label, Belle Chasse Records, asked me to write a Christmas song, I knew two things:

1. It was going to be quick.

2. I wanted listeners to be able to relate, but I also wanted it to mean something to me personally. So I just had this idea of a T.R.O.U.B.L.E. vibe Christmas jam. At that moment, the music was complete in my head. After that, the lyrics came easily because these are my real-life experiences. It's so nice when things come together so easily because it doesn't always happen, that's for sure. And I am thankful when it does.

How do you envision your musical journey unfolding, especially considering your love for being on the road and connecting with new audiences? What can fans expect from Brian James in the coming year?

I LOVE being on the road and connecting with different people. That's what I live for; if it were up to me, I would just be touring nonstop. I have a song that just hit the radio called "I ain't been drinking," it will be followed by many more in the new year. I'm finishing up a full album with Chuck, and we are STOKED about it!! I hope that my music gets heard by millions of people worldwide and that I can come to their city/town and meet them. That's what this is all about for me. I have things to say, and there is no better feeling than fans knowing your songs word for word. That's when you know you have touched somebody's heart like a songwriter should. And that is what I will keep trying to do until I'm just a memory on this rock.


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