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Brian Jarvis’ “The Spark” Will Boost You Spirits

Brian Jarvis, a New England native, is a prospering star on the rise. His voice is soothing, harmonious, and refreshing. Brian has toured all over New England over the last six years and he has no intention of slowing down. He has also worked closely alongside the legendary Howie Day, and other artists such as Andy Grammar (“Keep Your Head Up”) and Rachel Platten (“Fight Song”). This year Brian released his EP “Anyone at All” including five captivating songs which feature the iconic Rob Griffith from Bronze Radio Return. The songs on the EP are very enchanting and contemporary.

Six months ago, Brian released his single “The Spark”, which happens to be my personal favourite of his. The tempo is tranquil, complimented with his charming and graceful voice that leaves me feeling complete. “It’s not just broken, it’s falling apart, it’s just missing the spark”. This can symbolize so many things, and it is up to the listener to apply the lyrics to their own life. “The spark” can refer to anything, whether it be a relationship, a new mindset, routine, etc., that can help create change to fix obstacle that life throws at you. The message in this song is that there is always a solution, you just need to find out what it is. The song is inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting, as is the majority of his work. Brian Jarvis is very talented and a great role model, so I recommend that you add him to your playlist for when you need that extra boost optimism!

Listen to "The Spark" here and get to know more about Brian Jarvis below!

Hi Brian! It's great to chat with you. When did your interest in music begin?

Music comes from my late father. He would play his acoustic around the house and listen to Beatles records. I became fascinated at a young age with songwriting and the acoustic. Once I got the bug at 15 it was all consuming.

What do you want listeners to get out of your song “The Spark”?

Everyone has a passion in life. That passion may have been suppressed by exterior factors. Reconnect with whatever is that you love on the terms you met them at.

What was the inspiration behind “The Spark”?

For me this song was reconnecting with why I love writing songs and to block out

the noise of the music industry. I had gotten off a long tour with another artist and just saw the lifestyle eating away at me. I had a good friend who I had known in the industry swindle me out

of thousands of dollars and empty promises. I was defeated… The Spark was about needing to write music for the right reason. I wrote the song because I needed music and didn’t care if it was going to be a ‘hit’ tune.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you face in the music industry?

There are two things that are challenges. As an independent artist the ability to break through the crowd. There are so many talented writers, singers and artists with a platform and we are all fighting for this small space. o Also the fact that John Mayer hasn’t called me to open his next tour is a major challenge in my eyes  lol.

Can we expect more music from you in 2019?

Yes my entire EP launches on May 17, 2019 with two brand new songs. I will hit

the road with Howie Day for a little bit and then start looking at recording a new

single before the year is up.


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