Brian Self Leaves Us in Awe of His Emotional Sophomore Release, "Forget Her"

Hailing from North Carolina, the up-and-coming country artist and singer-songwriter Brian Self releases an enthralling and emotional sophomore single, "Forget Her."

After discovering his passion for music and singing while performing in church choirs, Brian Self later uploaded his covers to Instagram, which garnered the attention of Nashville-based recording studio Off The Row. With both of his released singles being recorded at Off The Row Studio, Brian Self is ready to introduce his music to a larger audience.

Through his latest soulful single, "Forget Her," Brian Self touches on an incredibly emotional story of moving forward from someone he thought he'd never have to. It would be an understatement to say that Brian Self is demonstrating his vast talent on this single, as he stops us dead in our tracks with each captivating and poetic lyric that depicts such grueling emotions.

Opening Brian Self's single, "Forget Her," is a heavily soulful introduction through layered and twangy electric guitars, down-tempo drums, powerful piano melodies, and a gripping bassline. Once Brian Self begins singing his woes of feeling as though every day is a Monday, he continues on this melancholy note and captures us in his poetic lyrics like "When her shadow went walking right her next to mine, and the moon's got no reason to shine."

The supporting instrumentals perfectly complement the soulful and emotional tones of Brian Self's performance, as a spirited organ makes its appearance and sends us into choir mode, chanting Self's lyrics alongside his brilliant performance. With a blistering electric guitar whaling its way to the outro, we can feel Brian Self's trembling emotion pour through each aspect of this mesmerizing piece.

Don't miss out on the emotional and fascinating experience that is Brian Self's sophomore single, "Forget Her," available on all digital streaming platforms.

We can't get enough of the soul and raw emotion you've placed into your single "Forget Her." Why did you feel compelled to create such a moving single like this?

Man, I am so glad this single is so well received! I actually didn't write the song, it was written by Jon D'agostino and Anthony Krizan. I was compelled to record it as it reminded me of something one of my heroes, Luther Vandross or Al Green, would have recorded. The melody gave me room to use my range and R&B roots that are a part of my style.

Was it challenging to write such vulnerable and emotional lyricism for your single "Forget Her"? How did your songwriting process go about?

Again, I didn't write the song, but we all have experienced heartbreak and not being able to let go of someone we love, so the lyrics really hit home for me.

Did you collaborate with any fellow artists or producers to help execute the instrumentals for "Forget Her"?

Yes, my producer PT Houston at Off The Row in Nashville is incredible, and he saw my vision, and together we created magic in the studio. He used the best players in town, Matt Bubel, Danny Parks, and Mark Prentice.

With only two released singles, how can listeners get to know you and what you stand for through the music you create?

I stand for truth and understanding in all that I do. I am real and honest, what you see is what you get. I want to blur the lines between all the genres. Growing up I listened to everything, country, pop, rock, rap, and soul - I don't want to have to ever try to fit in a mold. I want to create music that touches my soul and the listeners.

What can we expect to see next from you, throughout 2021?

I'm headed back to record 4 more singles with my Producer PT Houston at Off The Row. I am co-writing now with my team of writers, Erin McCaffrey, PT Houston, and Sarah Morey. There is a music video is coming too! I'm excited!!