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Brianne Releases Her Highly Captivating Music Video and Single, "Lost Control"

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Brianne has been creating and performing since 2014. Growing up with musical influences such as Adele, Demi Lovato, and James Arthur has allowed Brianne to transform and define her sound.

Her distinctive style can best be described as a blend of Adele'sblue-eyed' soul and P!nk's Pop-Rock vocals. Through a melodic and powerful blast of soul, Brianne ties in elements of reflection and aspiration.

Brianne's latest single and music video for "Lost Control" swims in an eclectic vibration of genres that fuse effortlessly. You can hear numerous inspirations that spill into the sonic canvas that Brianne places before her audience. Eagerly lifting spirits with her enticing melodic charm, Brianne adds a peppery facade to how she tackles the vocalization in "Lost Control." Pairing with the playful cinematic feel of visuals that have you intrigued by the development, the beautiful fall weather outdoors is the set that Brianne gets edgy on.

Curiosity strikes as you're a witness to the artist getting crafty as she uses spray paint to write out, "Lost Control." Tapping into her unruly persona, Brianne is reminiscent of Carrie Underwood's ferocious femme distinction with the way Brianne allows the notes to ascend so effortlessly. As she sweeps us off our feet, we fall into the clutch that is Brianne's creative, mindfully engaging us in the passion poured into Brianne's performance not only sonically but in the music video of "Lost


Just when you think that you couldn't be surprised, Brianne's musical ear has you thinking differently. There is no denying the glorious talents that this emerging artist has shining through each song she delivers her audience. Wondering what steps she'll make next, Brianne has us caught up in everything she represents.

Congratulations on the release of, “Lost Control.” Could you please take us into what this song means to you?

Thank you for all of your support with my newest single! Writing and recording Lost Control was extremely therapeutic for me. Throughout the writing process, I began to recognize my priorities were not always in the right places and for me, this song reminds me to continue working on my self-awareness. When you start to go through the motions & get distracted from your goals it begins to take a toll on you. I think most people can relate to this feeling & can associate it with a time in their lives. This season in my life forced me to take a step back and evaluate what I really wanted!

What went into the creative and recording process to give, “Lost Control,” the sound we know and love?

The evolution of this song is pretty incredible. Lost Control was written by myself and Jimmy Meier (co-writer/producer) a few days before ringing in 2020. We had the melody & lyrics all down except for the bridge. We knew the bridge needed to bring out the feelings of someone losing control & physically wanting to move with the music. It wasn't until the Summer of 2020 that we found the missing piece! Jack Garno came into the studio, and after first speaking with us about the message and emotion behind the song, he went on to record an incredible guitar solo fitting perfectly into the mix!

You really take your performance in the “Lost Control,” music video to another level! Could you please tell us about the creative direction that went into it?

That was such a fun video to shoot! Would you believe me if I said we created, recorded, and edited that video in 4 days!? It's true - I have to give a lot of credit to my brother, Brian, for this one!! Incorporating graffiti art into the video was actually inspired by a street artist that my brother & I had met a few weeks prior to shooting the video. Must say my favorite part of the film was smashing the guitar into the Lost Control sign at the end - it landed perfectly, getting stuck in the plastic wrap!

What do your non-musical influences look like when it comes to gaining inspiration to create?

My passion for songwriting and performing has always been there (whether I showed people or not). It's crazy looking back, but I actually didn't start to pursue music until college. Gaining the confidence to share my music took some time & I definitely gained inspiration from my grandmother - or as my family & TikTok call her - Nanny Kearns! She would tell stories from when she had just moved to New York from Ireland and how she wished she could have afforded instruments or singing lessons. She always had an ear for music & would tell me how lucky I am that there are so many more opportunities & resources (like YouTube) to learn & grow musically. She inspires me every day to pursue my dreams and to continue working hard for them - she is truly one of a kind.

What can we expect to see next?

Debut EP coming this Summer!! For this EP I'll be taking it back to my roots and focusing on the soulful music that made me fall in love with music in the first place. Super excited for the months ahead & for everyone to hear!



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