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Brice Parker Amplifies the Sound Waves in "Gone"

Writing songs and playing guitar for over a decade, Brice Parker considers himself a one-man band.’

He utilizes a loop pedal to perform unique covers and energetic originals at your favorite, hip southern digs, bars, and restaurants around the Charlotte area and beyond.

Known for his bright personality and humble spirit, Brice Parker is known to liven up any space, for performances that are enjoyed by just about anyone.

Fresh off the release of a versatile showcase of his unique techniques, Brice Parker presents his latest EP, ‘Sticks & Stones.’

Drawing our attention to the unmatched individualism that he portrays in this 90s alternative rock meets pop soundscape, we fixate upon the single “Gone.”

Bursting through the soundwaves with an energetic fusion of bolstering guitar riffs chugging amidst the intense percussion displayed, Brice Parker taps into a narrative that is unapologetically authentic to his pent-up emotions. Transmitting his fury towards the intricate songwriting visited on this single, he weaves in storytelling hues as he describes entertaining a relationship that no longer serves either party present by the full-throttled goodbye that he amplifies in his energetic croons.

Carrying forth an upbeat tone that is mesmerizing from start to finish, it’s easy to get lost in the angst-filled essence of “Gone.” Encouraging us to ditch what we no longer have the energy for, the message that Brice Parker emits is one that many of us can relate to. With each verse tackling a smooth spirit of anticipation as we wait for the upbeat buildup to explode each time the chorus comes around, we love navigating through the peaks and crevasses that propel “Gone” into an irrefutable category of its own.

Taking in the entirety of “Gone,” was truly a sonic voyage. What inspired the concept behind your four-track EP, ‘Sticks & Stones?'

This collection of songs is inspired by the saying, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.’ It’s ironic that although the songs on this album might have rasping lyrics, they won’t have any harm or effect on the people they are about.

Could you please take us into what the process of recording “Gone” was like? Did it fit into the typical process approached for all of the songs heard on the EP?

"Gone" actually wasn't changed too much. I recorded a demo version for my producer and we liked the general style of the song. We recorded fresh vocal and guitar tracks using his equipment, which was very similar to the process of recording every song on the EP. My producer, Rob, would then take the song on his own and add in little amazing moments and sounds that really gave this song more oomph and energy.

What is the main message that you have wrapped into ‘Sticks & Stones?' Do you find that this fits who you are as an individual and where your music is headed?

'Sticks & Stones' is a cathartic record for me. It was written as a result of a bad break up and each song tells a story within the theme of relationships. The EP starts with "Rare" which is an anthem recounting my feelings on the bad break up. Then, "What I Do Know" has me taking a step back and poking fun at my failed relationships in the past. This then leads to "Gone," an explosive song about me being done and fed up with relationships in general. The EP closes out with "Tell Me," a reimagined song from my first EP 'Small Dreams,' that is about me facing new changes and fears and having a positive outlook on the future. The main message is to let people know that it is ok to express emotions and frustrations, but that things will always end on a high note (ba dum tss).

Being a one-man band, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative journey?

I get so excited when I turn on my loop pedal and strum on my guitar and create a song from scratch. I love being able to try out new ways to add flair and flavor to each song by experimenting all the time.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

My music is authentic. I write what I feel and what I think about. I like to write about my thoughts on my purpose and life, which I feel a lot of people can relate to. In terms of music, I love to blend genres and bring an energetic catchy, and poppy flair to my songs.



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