Brick OTB Releases 11:11

All the way from Houston, Texas is the rapper Brick OTB whose aim is to offer an alternative perspective, for the discerning ears of today’s youth. Fusing social commentary, and witty lyrics over smooth instrumentation, he is intentionally mapping the road less traveled and he wouldn’t have it any other way! “I’ve watched everything else change around me in Houston. It’s time for the music to reflect the changes I’ve seen visually.”

Brick OTB released the single “11:11” and this inviting record had a nice dynamic in rap vocals which was soothing with the lo-fi beat. The soaring melodic production has an ethereal and unique approach to the beat, which helped lay down the foundation for the rapper’s delivery and lyrics. “11:11” is perfect to kickback, relax, and enjoy a nice mellow down vibe. For me, I believe rap music should feel elevated and diverse. Brick OTB serves that purpose well in “11:11” while showcasing a new dimension to hip-hop and rap music! Instead of the aggressive, hard-hitting beats, and rapidly fast flow, he shows a more calming side with consistency. This is a song I will lay down, close my eyes, and focus myself into the meaning and theme it’s presenting. I loved how solid everything was. The way OTB crafted this record was well-rounded and masterful, with a mesmerizing detail to the aesthetic of the song. This is a top-flight hit and we’re sure the community of hip-hop would love it! Who doesn’t like conscious rap in 2019? Tuh!

Listen to "11:11"" here and get to know more about Brick OTB below!