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Brick OTB Releases 11:11

All the way from Houston, Texas is the rapper Brick OTB whose aim is to offer an alternative perspective, for the discerning ears of today’s youth. Fusing social commentary, and witty lyrics over smooth instrumentation, he is intentionally mapping the road less traveled and he wouldn’t have it any other way! “I’ve watched everything else change around me in Houston. It’s time for the music to reflect the changes I’ve seen visually.”

Brick OTB released the single “11:11” and this inviting record had a nice dynamic in rap vocals which was soothing with the lo-fi beat. The soaring melodic production has an ethereal and unique approach to the beat, which helped lay down the foundation for the rapper’s delivery and lyrics. “11:11” is perfect to kickback, relax, and enjoy a nice mellow down vibe. For me, I believe rap music should feel elevated and diverse. Brick OTB serves that purpose well in “11:11” while showcasing a new dimension to hip-hop and rap music! Instead of the aggressive, hard-hitting beats, and rapidly fast flow, he shows a more calming side with consistency. This is a song I will lay down, close my eyes, and focus myself into the meaning and theme it’s presenting. I loved how solid everything was. The way OTB crafted this record was well-rounded and masterful, with a mesmerizing detail to the aesthetic of the song. This is a top-flight hit and we’re sure the community of hip-hop would love it! Who doesn’t like conscious rap in 2019? Tuh!

Listen to "11:11"" here and get to know more about Brick OTB below!

Welcome Brick OTB! You have a unique artistic appeal. Do you have any influences for this?

growing up i listened to a lot of devin the dude, outkast, and ugk. the thing about andre 3000 and pimp c, is that they made thought provoking music. you might hear a verse from pimp or dre that might shift your perspective on life, might make you look at things differently. listen to ugk you might learn something. they were the ones pushing the culture forward when i was comin up. that’s really the approach i take, i try to put something in my music that someone else can take away from and use.

How has growing up in Houston Texas impact your style of music?

everyone raps in my city. you probably can go to any street on any block in Houston and find at least one person that raps good. so growing up, we were exposed to a lot of good ass music. if you not jammin, no ones gonna listen to you. some artists don’t even perform in houston anymore cause of the “lack of crowd energy” but it’s not a lack of energy, we jus be chillin and if you go hard we gon fwu. and everyone freestyles in the H, when i was comin up freestylin was jus something you do to pass the time. i still would start flowing at the most random times, driving to work, in the shower n shit. so last summer, i just decided to start recording some of my freestyles, and turn em into records.

Describe the songwriting approach to 11:11 ?

well, it was a freestyle. or at least it started that way. that freestyle turned out to be the first half of the song. we actually recorded 11:11 earlier this year during the superbowl. after the first half was done, i just went back in the booth, thought about what message i wanted to say, figured out how to say it in it’s most simplest form, and laid it down piece by piece. and by the end of the game, we had “11:11”

What’s the major theme that’s surrounding this record?

when you see that number, 11:11 it’s a sign, it’s a signal of a spiritual awakening. it means that you’re waking up to the things of the spiritual world. it means you’re in alignment or to get in alignment. a lot of people, when they see 11:11, they think of the “make a wish” thing. but in my opinion, when you take a moment to think about “if i had one wish, what would it be?” what you’re doing is visualizing your greatest desire. whether your conscious of it or not, what your really doing is setting your intentions, and grounding yourself. the most important thing, when your trying to manifest your reality is setting your intentions, and visualizing your highest possible outcome. that’s why i say “you always got to know what you want, remained focus. if you don’t know what you want, you can’t focus.” the mind is very powerful. your thoughts are vibrations that hold power. i want my listeners to  realize that their thoughts hold power and to know their worth, if they don’t already.

What’s next for you?

i’m about to drop my next single, “Open The Blinds” and a one-take freestyle “Game Been Good Freestyle”


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