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“Bring Em Out” By M4ch1n3 Calls On Only The Realest

As a hip hop artist with roots in poetry and film directing, Jacob Machine (M4ch1n3) is a small town soul with dreams big enough to fill the hearts of the world. Coming from the prison city Huntsville, Texas and currently in Hollywood, Los Angeles, he has built a body of work ready to push the future forward towards understanding & self empowerment with every waking moment of his time. He believes the body is an organic machine that carries the spirit - hence, the Jacob Machine.

M4ch1n3 released a new track titled "Bring Em Out" where he pays homage to the importane of self-worth and empowerment. From genious lyrics like “Had to travel around the world out lookin for some help, but all I ever learned was I had to help myself” to real life facts like “Who here gives a f*ck? If you’re really bout it, put your middle fingers up”. “Bring Em Out” draws attention to the phony fake people we encounter in our lives and sheds light on the realization that we only truly have ourselves to rely on. M4ch1n3 is extremely self-aware and wise beyond his years, his raw lyricism is like looking into his soul. It provides listeners with a true connection to M4ch1n3. He knows that true talent and being able to emotively put pen to paper and deliver flawless bars is the only thing that authentically makes you stand out in today’s game. I highly recommend you check out this track and vibe along. The song, “Bring Em Out” is currently available on all digital music platforms. Stay tuned for more from M4ch1n3! 

Check out “Bring Em Out” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jacob Machine! Tell us about how you got into writing lyrics and rapping? How old were you?

Writing was my first love. I still have pages I wrote from before I knew how to spell or before I went to school. Since then I've stacked up thousands of handwritten pages of poetry, essays, thoughts and days. I've actually even got every single day written down from my life since September 16th, 2006. With that said, I didn't start making music until I was around 20. I had stacked up a few thousand pages of poetry by that point and was having a hard time getting anyone to read it. To give my words life, over the next few years I sat back & taught myself how to make music from writing to recording, mixing, mastering and producing. 

What do you do to feed your passion for music everyday?

To feed my passion, all I do is choose to live every day. I know that if I do my best on every given day, even if it is enough for the rest of the world, it will be enough for my existence. If I knew I did everything I could or that I wanted to do or thought about doing, by the end of the day I would be happy with myself. If it wasn't good enough for a day, I always know I can wake up tomorrow and live my best life and be my best self again. My passion is fueled by experience and understanding. Every passing moment holds opportunity for both so I just remain active and my passion thrives. 

Tell us about “Bring Em Out”! It has a heavy lyrical presence, what do you hope to achieve through this track?

With my new song Bring Em Out, I wanted to create a song that would be a great experience live for both myself and the audience. In the modern world, it can seem as if no one really cares no matter how good you are or what you do. This is a song for all the people who feel shut out from the world and all the outcasts of religion and society to come out and say, "fuck it - I'm going to be myself and do what I need to do regardless of opinions or doubt. I will stand strong in the face of this fucked up world and speak my truth without fear". 

What would be your dream venue to perform?

My dream venue to perform right now would be at Coachella. Not because of the venue itself or the amount of people that come, but rather because I trust the people at Golden Voice that run the events and many other venues as well. The Golden Voice seem to me to be a great group of people to work with and I hope to establish a better relationship with them as time goes on.  With that said, it's not a venue or place, but my dream right now is to be working with Kid in A Korner. There aren't many places or people in all of existence that I believe could properly handle the vision I have in my mind of the future (hence why I continue to do everything myself for now). So if I want to be anywhere else, it'd be with Golden Voice or Kid in A Korner. Maybe if Elon Musk started a record label I could find a truly proper place for my ideas, but honestly I believe for now I'ma just have to keep grinding and figure out the path for myself.

What’s next for you through the rest of 2019? We’d love to hear more!

As for the rest of 2019, I'll be releasing 3 albums, 2 books and a movie if all goes according to plan. I've already released 5 albums in less than a year, finished 2 notebooks and finishing up my first fiction novel. 

3 Albums: Hollywood Machine (5 track EP based around Hollywood using Hip Hop production, dropping in September) Clockboy & The Adventures of the Kid from the Back of the Classroom (7 track self produced industrial electronic album OCT) A Room Full of Instruments (A live instrumental country/ folk album I'm producing myself as well)

2 Books The Book of Jacob (An Experience) The Machine (My first fiction novel)

Movie A Motion Picture of Youth ( a full length feature documentary film about childhood & kids making their own movies in Texas using the 20+ hours of footage I filmed for movies I made from my own youth)

& yes. I'm really doing all of this. Every one of these projects will be available in some form online within the year. If anyone out there wants to help any of these dreams become a reality with investment, marketing or communication please just reach out and let me know! 


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