Bringing His Authentic Sound, Armani Colón Delivers “Lit”

Originally from Suffolk, VA, Armani Colón has resided in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Honing his skills as an all-around musical artist over the past few years, Armani Colón brings a unique blend of technically proficient rap, smooth R&B vocals and catchy pop melodies. He has the potential to be, not only, the next big name in music, but a permanent fixture in the entertainment industry and pop culture.

Fusing the best of heartfelt songwriting with a smooth and expressive leading vocal “Lit” makes for a hip-hop/R&B crossover hit, with lashings of rhythm and soul that help lean the whole thing in a fairly unique direction. Armani’s sound and approach are authentic to him, there are layers to this that showcase an artist who has found his flow. His voice, the personality, the multi-colored nature of the soundscape, and the uplifting brightness of the synths that rain down, all showcase Armani Colón’s undeniable skill. While the songwriting is the greatest strength, the production and performance alike help elevate everything within to effective levels. We can’t wait to hear more from Armani Colón! 

Listen to “Lit” here and read more with Armani Colón below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Armani Colón! What prompted you to first start recording your music?

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