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Bringing London To LA: Sean Quincy’s New Release “Hollywood Undead”

Sean Quincy is a 23 year old solo artist from London, UK now located in LA. Moulding his sound and image from living in the streets of London, he has taken a villain-esque attitude towards his subject matter; pushing self-empowerment and rebellion creating his own blend of Alternative guitar riffs, accompanied by RnB and Pop melodies. It's a rebellious song for the teens, as is the whole EP 'Adorable Sinners’. It’s a fun album, whether it’s played in a car or on stage - you can feel the energy it’s like a mix of styles conjured into a new school way. Checking out the song “Hollywood Undead”.

Whoa! This track caught me by surprise. There’s this funky pop rock and roll feel and I love it! It is different and something that takes you on a stroll through his view of "Hollywood Undead". I really love the production of this track with the mixing and mastering of the various tones. Wonderful vocals by Quincy as well. I can hear the RnB and Pop reference in his vocals and lyricism. And because he is versatile in that sound, it gives this song such a range and a beautiful range at that. Definitely a dope top 50’s track with so much surprise throughout its entire 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Remember to check out "Hollywood Undead" on Spotify, and scroll down to get to know Sean a little better!


Hey! Would you mind introducing yourself?

Sean Quincy. I’m a '95 baby. Born on an island in the Mediterranean called Malta but moved to London around five years ago. I dabble in music, fashion, branding, directing and anything creative which comes my way.. the Sean Quincy material is an unfiltered autobiographical timeline. 

Your social presence is really solid! Can you tell us why you chose the black and white esthetic opposed to color?

Well.. being a Gemini I needed something which was two sided and minimal which cuts out all the bullshit. There’s a battle between good and bad going on and I play with these shades accordingly.

Bringing in Hollywood Undead, what is the backstory to this song?

On my new EP ‘Adorable Sinners’ I go from vigilante to villain super quick. Hollywood Undead was giving a taste of both sides. In context it’s about a typical girl in LA but the underlying message is super rebellious. 

What made you pick up and relocate to LA?

Life’s a bit crazy at the moment I’m bouncing between Malta, London & LA depending on what I’m working on. Im fortunate to have met some amazing people along the way and nurtured each relationship. Also I can’t stay in one place for too long. LA was always a dream, now Ive been flying here more and more frequently. I’m sure I'll settle down. 

Can you let us know what you have coming up in the music world?

I just released an EP called ‘Adorable Sinners’ on Valentines Day - its hot as fuck check it out!


Connect with Sean through his Instagram.




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