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Brittany Rose Lights A Fire Within Herself In, "Anyone Else"

Multifaceted Brittany Rose hails from Binghamton, New York as a vocalist, producer, and songwriter. Having grown up and returned to the small town of Binghamton due to the COVID19 pandemic, Brittany spent her senior year of college in her bedroom exploring the world of pop music and pouring her soul into new songs that capture her lust for something more.

With what she dubs an 80’s Femme-Pop radiance, her fierce sensuality shines brightly through fortified comparisons to Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson of Heart. Mixing those styles with her dark bedroom Pop infused Rock sound, Brittany Rose creates an atmosphere that screams laid back confidence with gold rings wrapped around her inner hopeless romantic that seeks chaos.

Tapping into the fiery passion in her vocals, the fortified energy of Brittany Rose comes to life in her most recent single, “Anyone Else.” The tantalizing instrumentation creates a multidimensional foundation for the dark glimmers of her infused genres to take a spirited approach within the gamut of bedroom Pop. Transferring her lyrical thoughts to paint glowing imagery on the subject of lust, Brittany Rose speaks into themes of knowing you have the deepest desire to make the person that’s had your eye all night out of the crowded room and into your own divine universe.

The luxurious vocals that dance on her opulent storytelling have us submerged in the 80’s nostalgia that her charismatic persona radiates. Being fully transparent with her audience, she casts, “Anyone Else,” into the world as a sensual anthem for her listeners to connect with on a deeper level.

Cultivating mind-altering creations that fuel the quintessence of Brittany Rose, she amplifies her alluring ambiance as she teases her fan base with only a mere taste of what’s to come in 2021. As we run back the track, “Anyone Else,” catches our attention as we shift our mindset in the realm of Brittany Rose.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brittany Rose! Congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Anyone Else.” What inspired the creation of the lyrical content in this song?

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I have been loving your interviews, they’ve introduced me to a lot of new music. This song actually was born out of manifestation, I thought to myself - we write songs for every emotion we have, to express anything we need, why not write a song manifesting love and excitement into my life?

With a wide range of inspiration from multiple eras, how do you allow your influences to speak into the music that you create?

I love a good challenge, especially when it comes to writing, producing, and singing even. I’ve been honing my craft throughout this pandemic and it’s been fun to look at artists that I draw influence from and say “what would this song sound like if I wrote it, or what would it sound like from my point of view?” I let their storytelling trickle down into the way I tell stories, and how I adapt my stories to my songs.

What would you like listeners to take away from, “Anyone Else”?

To just go for it. I think if we’ve learned anything this year is that life is too short to wait. As I’ve been promoting this song I’ve been telling listeners to send this song to their crushes and just take the leap in telling them how they feel - because you never know where a yes is waiting for you!

From the initial steps of creating a song to the moment it’s released, what part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?

I adored stacking all of the harmonies in the bridge. The bridge in general will always be my favorite part of this song. When I started writing this it started on acoustic guitar, and I thought to turn it into a pop bass-driven tune - and by the time the verses and choruses were done I had no idea what I wanted to say in the bridge. Of course, the only right answer for me was to lose the listener in a world of harmonies just to tell their crush how perfect they are. I think when I finished there were 50 layers of vocals in that one little section, just insane.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m actually releasing another single in February and will be continuing to trickle out music until I find that my next project is finished. We live in a world suite for single and EP’s so I don’t feel rushed to put out any major length album right now, which is so freeing. My next single comes out on February 26th.



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