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Brooke Alexx’s Single ‘Bored’ Is Anything But

Attitude, prowess, and natural ability are what make up Brooke Alexx’s fierce powerhouse pop genre vibe. Brooke Alexx is the entire package; skillfully produced, her music is radio ready and destined to be booming chart toppers. Brooke Alexx's song: ‘Bored’, Brooke gives us synth beats, harmonic notes, and liberating lyrics. Bending to no man Brooke Alexx makes it clear if you want her love and devotion you need to work for it. The refreshing anti ‘damsel in love’ lyrics are an empowering message to young woman on the scene. Don’t settle, push for more, find that person that keeps you “buzzing and crushing”. On a larger scale this song smashes the overvalued attribute of vanity. That guy might be hot, but what’s he got going on inside? Brooke Alexx asks these questions all set to a sassy pop track that should empower listeners to find more within- Brooke put it best on the track: “Yeah your hot, but that don’t mean a lot to me”.

‘Bored’ is also accompanied by an arty music video, where Brooke is adorned in bright and eye catching clothing and our “hot guy” is draped in lackluster white- it’s a genius creative comparison. These artistic strengths have been absorbed during her childhood career in musical theatre and her strong vocal range and harmonic notes have clearly been perfected through experience, natural ability and hard work. Find out for yourself the powerhouse that is Brooke Alexx, and stream ‘Bored’ today!


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