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Brooke Amor Makes Her Debut in Hip-hop with the Buoyant, "Love to Hate"

Singer, songwriter, and producer Brooke Amor reside in the Bay Area, releasing mesmerizing tunes for her audience to bask in. Though her past releases were mostly Pop, Brooke Amor has always had a love for writing Hip-hop and Rap music.

Breaking out of her comfort zone, and finally experimenting with a genre unchartered of her talents, her newest song, "Love to Hate,” has her fan base intrigued.

Utilizing her lyrical dexterity to shine in a kingdom that is based on witty quips and ingenious wordplay, you would think that Brooke Amor has been feasting on the hefty cadences she approaches for years. “Love to Hate,” takes on the true hallmarks of a certified Hip-hop hit that thrives in the new-age Contemporary playing field we know and love.

Holding true to her unapologetic persona, Brooke Amor touches down on themes of people that love to hate on your grind, deeming it the best hate you can receive. You can hear the ravenous ferocity that she carries in her tonal distinction as she metaphorically sinks her teeth into the beat.

We’ll be the first to say; the drums on this track drive it home. They produce a dark atmosphere that adds just enough weight to pull you into the track before you even hear Brooke Amor grace her intoxicating presence.

Tackling the entire production first hand, Brooke Amor is establishing her name on the Hip-hop spectrum as an up and comer that’s here to stay. If this is just a sample of the rhythmic flows we’ll be hearing from her, we want to sign up to everything Brooke Amor.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Love to Hate.” We love the fact that this is your debut in the genre of Hip-hop! What moment inspired you to take this leap of faith?

Thank you! I have always loved Rap and Hip Hop and just slowly started writing Rap more kind of just as a joke to myself cause I never thought I would do music like that or really be able to. But it is just so fun to write and come up with cool puns and wordplay. I shared some of it with my teachers and close friends first just to see if I was even in the ballpark, and they all really liked what I was doing. So I just kept experimenting and pushing in that direction until I finally had a song I thought was good enough to actually share with the public.

What do you hope that listeners take away from, “Love to Hate?"

I hope it makes people feel good about themselves and what they are doing with their life and feel good about the hard work they are doing. And to not take hate too seriously because it is inevitable, especially if you are actually doing good. I mean I would say that is the best kind of hate.

Did you have the beat created first, or the lyrics? Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like for you?

This is actually a beat I did not make, it was produced by Myz and NoFuks. I feel like sometimes the beats I create are not the necessary style I want to write to. Sometimes I like seeing what other people create with them. With this song, I found the beat first and I always usually just start humming to see if I can find a melody I really like. I usually like to establish some sort of chorus first so I know where I can go in the verses and what the song is going to be about, which is what I did with this song. It flowed surprisingly well.

As a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer; do you have a favorite creative avenue that prefers over the others?

I think singing and songwriting will always have a special place in my heart and something I always come back to, but exploring other avenues is very fun right now. I think because producing and rapping is still newer to me I am spending a lot of time on those right now just learning and experimenting. But I really love it all. It is impossible to pick a favorite. I think I would feel incomplete if I was only limited to one.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am hoping to put out a loop kit by the end of this month just for fun! I am always writing and recording so there will definitely be some new music soon. Oh, and some collaborations!



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