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Brookelyn Rose Sings Her Heart out in New Song “Hymns”

Singer/songwriter Brookelyn Rose grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and moved to Los Angeles to focus on music, and to perfect her skills as a musician. Brookelyn has been hard at work on new music and plans to travel across LA to make her voice heard. Using her own life experiences and struggles as inspiration, Brookelyn Rose creates music that tells a story and will relate to her listeners.

Brookelyn Rose has recently released her new single “Hymns”, which is a powerful blend of pop/rock and soul. Her voice is deep and sedative, with incredible control over tone and pitch. The soul influences are prominent and the chorus is predominantly rock, giving a unique blend of genres. “Hymns” is the type of song you can dance to, and at the same time feel all the intense emotions she was feeling when it was written. Brookelyn sings about the pain of letting someone go when they aren’t the person you thought they were. Her unique style and passion truly stand out. She fills her lyrics with soulful metaphors, a trait of a true lyricist. With lyrics such as “shed you like the dead skin of a dragon breathing fire”, Brookelyn Rose shows her talent and potential to touch people’s hearts.

Stream "Hymns" by Brookelyn Rose here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brookelyn Rose! We loved your song “Hymns”, can you tell us what made you pick that as the title of the song?

This song acts as a prayer, or a hymn, for people who feel lost or look at themselves in the mirror and don’t recognize the person they see looking back at them. I’m not a religious person, so the word “Hymns” in this song has to do with the action of rising up against the worst parts of yourself and finding the strength to be better than you were yesterday. To me, that’s a religious experience, feeling moved and motivated by something. That’s why I found “Hymns” to be a fitting title.

What is one thing you hope people will take/learn from “Hymns” when they have their first listen?

If you take anything away from your first listen, I hope it’s the feeling of connection and strength.

You definitely have a way with words, Brookelyn! “Hymns” has beautiful and thoughtful lyrics, how long have you been writing music for? Have you always known this is what you wanted to do?

Thank you, I appreciate that! I think words are really important in music and I love telling personal stories that people relate to.I’ve been writing lyrics and melodies since I was in middle school and then began recording original songs when I started college. Writing and performing music is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. There’s a video time capsule from first grade that was shared with us at my high school graduation. In this video, our teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up and my answer was, “a singer”. For me, pursuing music as a career has been my calling; There’s never been another option.

How has your career evolved since your move to Los Angeles? What have you learned in this process?

My career has evolved tremendously since moving to LA. I’ve met so many talented musicians, producers and performers who inspire me and work with me to create art; It’s really incredible! I’ve changed as a person and an artist and as a result of that; My sound and what I write about have changed too. This song, in particular, is very close to me because it’s the most vulnerable songwriting I’ve ever done. This song isn’t about a break-up or a lover, it’s about how I saw myself during a particular time in my life. Creating this song has been a liberating experience for me.I’ve learned that this industry demands collaboration. No one succeeds on their own. You find people who are as talented and driven as you are and you work tirelessly for what you love, together. That’s the key.

Thank you for talking with us Brookelyn and congratulations on the release of "Hymns." What can fans anticipate next from you?

Thanks so much! I’m playing shows across LA with my band to promote my new releases and I have another new song coming out this summer! Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages to catch one of my upcoming shows!



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