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Brother and Sister Duo Create Music of Light and Inspiration

Brother and sister duo MiruDaru are fusing pop and jazz ballads to create a distinct and original sound. Operating on the basis that we are all connected by love, compassion, and kindness, MiruDaru incorporates multicultural aspects into their original songs. These Venezuela transplants have now immersed themselves in the Los Angele's music scene. Their barrier-breaking music has seen the pair featured on TED, the idea spreading platform, and in their independent branch: TEDx with their showcase: "Venezuela: Abundance, Freedom, and Blood."

Aside from their activism and meaningful messages, the pair have also performed at many prestigious venues, including Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood Improv, and more. Their view of a world in all colors have created songs that tell real stories listeners can relate to. MiruDaru'sMiruDaru's songs inspire and give light to their listeners, encouraging them to celebrate life even if there is a faint shadow cast overhead. MiruDaru infectious positivity is propelling them forward, seeing the group actively perform in cultural events. MiruDaru is releasing music as independent artists that connect music lovers all over the world.

Discover MiruDaru today and listen to “Watch Out!” here.



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