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Bruce Sudano Sings A Beautiful, “Ode To a Nightingale”

Showering us with musical and visual beauty is singer-songwriter and recording artist Bruce Sudano with his latest single and music video, "Ode To a Nightingale."

One could compare Bruce Sudano's music to the song of a Nightingale, tranquil, melodic, and beautiful. He's spent his musical past writing hit songs for Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton. When the pandemic struck, Sudano used it as inspiration to fuel his creative vision and reach for greatness once more.

Bruce Sudano's latest single, "Ode To a Nightingale," shows us a different side of his artistry, A harmonious blend of guitar strums, bumping drums, and bright maraca shakers. The song's music video is another introspective aspect that sees Sudano entering a new era of creativity.

The music video for "Ode To a Nightingale" begins with Bruce Sudano basking in LED colors and serenading the camera with his passionate vocals. As the video continues, we see rotating abstract visual effects with punchy colors and warping shapes, perhaps representing that Sudano is going through some kind of shift and transformation.

We love the free-spirited feel of this single, and the reflective music video perfectly enhances that creative approach. There's also a profoundly calming aspect of this music video that keeps our eyes hooked on the glossy abstract shapes while Sudano serenades us with the utmost emotion.

While Bruce Sudano keeps his cool and maintains his confidence and poise throughout the music video, he picks up the energy towards the outro while an array of different colors set the introspective mood for one hell of a visual experience.

Take a trip into the shimmering world of Bruce Sudano with his latest music video for "Ode To a Nightingale," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bruce Sudano, and congratulations on your new single, "Ode To a Nightengale." What led you to create this reflective and soothing piece? It was an odd combination of things that led to its birth. The end of the Trump administration, the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini, and late nights in my studio staring out the window into the darkness listening to the night birds sing. How does the single "Ode To a Nightingale" represent you? How can new listeners get to know you better through this piece? It represents me in a few ways. First of all, there’s an emphasis on poetry and storytelling. It possesses subtlety but the message is urgent. It has this underlying rhythm that just carries you, and sonically it’s mature while at the same time modern. It has warmth with an edge. These are the kind of elements I like to incorporate into my music.

Who helped you create those neat visual effects for the "Ode To a Nightingale" music video?" Why did you want to give the video this unique modern edge? The video was directed by Italian visual artist Furio Ganz with added digital effects by Claudio Bellini. Whenever I do a video, I try to find creative people who see the song from a different perspective while at the same time enlarging its inherent feeling and meaning. Because of the contemporary message of the song, I felt it warranted imagery that was of the moment as well. What visual experience did you want to offer viewers with the music video for "Ode To a Nightingale?" What was your goal? The goal was to engage the viewer with a performance piece shaded by diverse colors and enhanced by the most curious digital imagery. The magic then happens in the balancing of those elements so that the song itself is what gets amplified. What's next for you? Right now I’m in a moment of assessing what is next. I’ve just come off a six-week tour which was a lot of fun but intense. So I need to let the dust settle for a minute, and I’m sure before too long, my imagination will kick back in. I expect it will be more songwriting, recording, and playing live shows, mixed in with a healthy dose of family time, but then again, you never know.


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