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BruhitzTahj Releases Spirited Hit “Party”

BruhitzTahj is a young/pop/hip-hop artist who hails from the suburbs just outside Philadelphia. A unique new artist who has catchy looks, uplifting lyrics, and positive motives, he believes in living his best life at every moment and is always supporting kids who feel like they can’t conquer the world. BruhitzTahj released his anticipated hit, “Party” and just as the title says, it’s the perfect song to play at a party! “Party” in my opinion is a replica of the fun in today’s generation. Living life, stress free, and enjoying the moment is the vibe you get from listening to this song. It’s all about positive vibes and i love the vibrancy and exhilarating charisma portrayed. If you become intune with the lyrics you can hear how he’s discussing the party nature we’re familiarized with. Meeting new people and making connections with others. The delightful lyricism enhances your mood automatically. I mean, who doesn’t love a good song that talks about the optimism and constructive in life? I know I surely do! Whenever I listen to this song I start to envision bright colors and luminance and it’s just an all around happy aura you receive.

Check out "Party" now on Spotify, and scroll below for the artist's specially curated interview!

How was your upbringing and how did your environment and residence impact your music style in any way?

My upbringing as an artist started out smooth because I actually knew my sound, found my base audience and knew how to deliver as a growing artist. I grew up in a generation where most older generations generally dont understand which impacted what genre I wanted to make along with the environment I grew up in. I wanted to make people feel good, to turn a bad day into a good day just by singing along to good energy filled lyrics. In the suburbs, everybody wants to be cool, hip and that's just not me, I was never a follower, and never intended to blend in. I always thought what if i can help somebody whos been depressed or stressed out or just afraid to be a leader or be different. That's how my environment impacted my sound because the good image of who to look up to just was not there.

“Party” is a fun song to listen to! What was your inspiration to write this?

My favorite story! I was actually on my way to the city of Los Angeles, and we all know the traffic is crazy, later the night it was planned I was going to my first party ever in L.A. so for some odd reason, I started to think about school and Friday nights, planning a huge party. so the day after the events that took place, I quick wrote it down, and a year later I recorded it. So every time i sing my song it just brings back an awesome memory of when i was in high school of kids like us just having fun after school on the weekend, as life should be. Go to school all week, plan party's on the bus for the weekend, spreading good vibes with the homies. 

What do you think is the best setting to place yourself in while listening to “Party”?

The best setting would of course be at a party or just cruising around in the car with some friends. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

Whats next for me is to keep growing as an artist, inspire more people to be themselves. I want to help kids feel better and have more motivation to chase their goals just like me. Honestly, anybody can and I want to prove that statement. More song releases, videos and some merch will be coming out throughout the year. I want to keep breaking into the industry and be heard globally  You will keep hearing more of me, so keep your eyes and ears open!


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