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Bryan Guardado Makes Us Hold on to the Good Moments in Life Through His Music

The Pasadena based singer/songwriter Bryan Guardado is an artist that uses music as an outlet to spread the peace and love of God. Bryan Guardado's passion for Christian composition and worship has allowed him to create music that is about finding freedom within yourself and being who you truly are as a person. Evidently, in his latest release "Passport," from his album 'Heartland,' showcases his beautiful approach to songwriting. It's a style where when you listen to it and feel comforted.

Realizing that life is too short, Bryan Guardado was inspired to write "Passport," which tells us about remembering past experiences and memories in your heart and how the good moments will always be there. With his newly released album 'Heartland,' we are sure to have plenty of content from Bryan Guardado to keep our hearts full.



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