Bryan Lazar Covers Holiday Track "Last Christmas"

Recording artist Bryan Lazar has come out with his takes on some of our favorite holiday classics with the release of his EP "Sleigh My Name"! It's an exciting time of year to receive all of these covers from songs we know so well, and incredibly more exciting to hear the exclusive harmonies from Bryan. Bryan Lazar is currently in the process of creating his fifth (yes, fifth!) EP titled "LAWET", which is expected to be released within the first few months of 2020! We're excited to hear more, but for now, we're enjoying the pleasant soundings of Bryan and his take on holiday sounds! 

Bryan Lazar has come out with a rendition of our favorite Christmas classic, "Last Christmas"! And wow, what a cover! Those notable rustic elements to Bryan Lazar's voice are so easily present within the track and is actually a pinnacle of Bryan's sounding. He definitely adds another take on the track that we haven't heard, which is impressive, because by now we've heard hundreds of covers from the lovable Christmas classic. The prominent guitar soundings embedded throughout the track add to that rustic and rock-like feel, and once we near the end of the track, we get a prolonged guitar performance that adds to the track in so many ways. All in all, we were happy to hear the soft and raw soundings of Bryan Lazar over this holiday season, and we're hoping to hear more of his staple soundings in the year to come! 

Listen to Bryan Lazar's rendition of "Last Christmas" here.


Hey Bryan Lazar! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. 2019 has been extremely successful for you. What is the highlight of the year for you?

Thank you! Happy to be back, always enjoy sitting down and talking with you. 2019 was really a momentous year for me personally. I released more music than any other year and we finally finished a record that I've been working on for the last few years. I played a ton of successful gigs and met a bunch of great musicians all around LA. I'm truly stoked on the productivity that took place this year and the growth of both my music career and myself. 

We love your new cover of "Last Christmas". It's the perfect holiday song! What inspired you to write this song?

It's actually a cover...Wham's "Last Christmas" has been covered about a billion times (Ariana Grande, Jimmy Eat World, Michael Buble, etc.) but I always loved this track so I wanted to put my twist on it. The guitar groove was kind of the first thing I ended up coming with and built all around that but I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. It's a little different than the rest of the Christmas tracks that I put out and I think that's why it's my favorite. To craft a special song about the holidays, what does Christmas mean to you as an artist? Don't tell anybody...but I was actually raised Jewish so this is actually not my forte. But besides Adam Sandler's tracks, we don't really have anything that "slaps" as the kids would say so I thought I'd give it a shot. I released another Christmas song a few years ago "Please Come Home for Christmas" that ended up doing pretty well so I thought let's try putting a few tracks out and see how it goes. 

When writing holiday songs, do you take inspiration from any other artists?

Of course! I'm always listening to newer and catalog tracks and thinking "oh I like that progression, I should try something like that" or I'll go see a show and want to run back home to create more. I think all artists and songwriters use inspiration they hear every day. 

What's next for Bryan Lazar in 2020? I will finally be releasing my 4th studio record "LAWET" which has been in the works for some time now. I am very excited for this product to finally be finished and to get it out there. I will also be releasing a few other projects that I have been working on so be sure to look out for that as well. A new record needs to be supported with some great live performances so I plan on playing a decent amount of shows in 2020 so don't be shy to come on out and say hi!