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Bryanne Released Her Inspiring Hit “No Me Voy A Enamorar”

Bryanne is the second oldest child of her family who began her career acting and dancing. She started voice lessons back in 2014 and performed at various shows, and also on the youth fair competitions, where she’s been awarded first and second place. She recently came out with her 1st Solo title Moonlight on February 8th and a month after her 2nd Solo No Me Voy a Enamorar produced by Doing it records, Inc which premiered April 4th, 2019. Her music videos and singles are available on multiple streaming platforms! Aside from singing, Bryanne is a multi-talented artist who dances on 3 different dance teams in which includes; Salsa, Hip-Hop, and lyrical.

We took a listen to Bryanne’s single “No Me Voy A Enamorar” and this spanish hit was a fun pop record with light dancehall monotones floating across the single. In this song, Bryanne channels her inner diva and realizes that despite her being highly favored by the boys, she doesn’t need a guy who doesn’t have a pure goal. She studies their intentions and motives, and knows her worth! In my opinion, this song is perfect for growing girls in today’s generation who usually falls vulnerable and swoons over a crush in high school. It’s a record that aims to deliver a message about self-love, which I find to be highly encouraging in a society like the one we live in today. The visual display was charismatic as it shows Bryanne turning down the gentlemen who has their eyes on her. While having fun, showing good energy, and creating a danceable groove, Bryanne managed to project a meaning behind her music. This important fusion helped “No Me Voy A Enamorar” serve as the next big hit!

Listen to "No Me Voy A Enamorar” here and get to know more about Bryanne below!

Bryanne you’re a multi-talented artist with significant amount of skills! between acting, dancing, and singing, which is your personal favorite to do and why?

I would say this is a tricky question because there’s no specific answer to just one, I love to sing this is how I express my feelings, my talent and my fears, i want the world to hear me and see my talent, I’ve been to various competitions in the Miami area and have gotten 1st and 2nd place, I also love to dance i’ve competed in well known talent competitions like, starpower, believe, inferno, and Nexstar national talent competition, it feels great to be recognized for my talents and the hard work i go through by so many judges around the world, is just amazing.  So definitely Singing and Dancing I love  both of them.  

What inspired you to write “No Me Voy A Enamorar” ?

No me voy a enamorar which stands for (I'm not going to fall in love in English) I wrote it thinking  how today’s youth is all about peer pressure, how we as young girls live our life’s in such accelerated stages. That the youth right now is being influenced in other priorities instead of us making our own decisions like our values, our self love, And respect. 

What’s the message you hope listeners receive from listening to “No Me Voy A Enamorar” ?

The message that I want to give all my listeners about my song No me voy a enamorar, is first-please enjoy it and dance to the beat like I do,  but at the same time I want it to serve mostly all the young girls and boys out there, to never stop being yourself, to always be truthful, to  stop pretending to be someone you’re not,  in life you have to have your own identity your values are always # 1. It Open your eyes to a brighter future. 

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating this?

Wow lots of them originally I wanted to record the video in school grounds but it required lots of time, people, permits etc so we finally created a new script and am happy with the results. My best friends from school  and my brother were part of it, it was something unique without all the requirements from a big firm.  I also faced being exposed in social media so my listeners could hear me is something new to me, youtube, instagram, Facebook, buzz music, But god willing my message will be heard.  

What’s next for you? 

Besides taking things one step at a time I’ve already recorded 2 more hits that we are in the process of creating a music video and a 3rd song that still needs to be recorded. Yes lots of bryanne is yet to be heard,  working hard to accomplish all my dreams and with gods help all my dreams will become a reality.  I wouldn’t be able to do or be who I am without my Mom always there 100 % to support me in all my decision.  


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