Bryn Wright Sets a Glorious Atmosphere in His Debut Single, “Lost”

We get "Lost" in a cinematic experience as Bryn Wright shares his debut single, which includes a vast release of emotions and bold, inspirational lyrics so we can get to know Bryn better.

17-year-old born in South Shropshire, Bryn grew up in a rural village surrounded by fields, trees, and many beauty of nature. Bryn has been creating music since four years old and has achieved much great success through the years. He articulates in singing and songwriting and produces and plays multiple instruments too. Bryn draws inspiration from artists like Elton John, Pink Floyd, Aurora, and producer and musician, MAGNUS. He takes from the lessons learned, the way to do things, and most importantly, knows how to make great music!

Bryn brings an adventurous, mystical vibe to his latest release, "Lost," and reminds us of the Empire Of The Sun and their approach to music. The alternative edge to their vocal delivery and the cinematic production leaves us gobsmacked!

The track opens with a set of mysterious strings and aura, bringing more suspense for Bryn Wright to enter elegantly. We hear the influences and inspiration in the overall track, sounding like a movie score; Bryn aims to set a high standard. The atmospheric artist paints his sonic story easily, making it much more entertaining by thinking outside the box and trying new things, innovation at its finest.

Bryn's fluent vocals have so many feelings attached as we can hear the emotion and freeness. "Lost" has the potential to reach great heights as Bryn doesn't hold back as all the elements used combines to create an impressive record we won't soon forget. And as he exits with feeling, grace, and vibes, it's a moment we soon won't forget, all of this while he takes us out with style.

Make sure you support this innovator and young legend, Bryn Wright, in his new release, "Lost," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bryn Wright. We truly appreciate a relatable anthem for our times like "Lost." What inspired you to write this? I wrote ‘Lost’ at the tail end of last winter, and, like most people, I’ve always found winter to be a difficult season, motivation-wise. The shortness of the days and seemingly endless darkness here in the UK can leave you feeling pretty dismal until spring comes around. I wanted to do something proactive and make use of the negative feelings caused by no sun and month-long grey skies, so I created this song, focussing on just that.

What does your record "Lost" mean to you? How can listeners understand you and your music better through this cinematic song? ‘Lost’, to me, means recognizing how easy it is to be brought down by an imperfect situation but choosing instead to stay motivated and hopeful for the future through strength and mindfulness. The lyrics talk about understanding that, ‘The moment is all we live by; we’re whole’ - in other words saying ‘take a step back, relax, it’ll be all right’ - which is something many of us need to say to ourselves far more often than we do.

What was the most rewarding part about creating your record, "Lost"? What did you appreciate most from experience? I’m someone who is fortunate enough to have grown up in a rural area of outstanding beauty, and the expansiveness of the surrounding environment translates naturally into writing atmospheric-sounding music. I try to couple this music with meaningful lyrics, also inspired by the vast landscape and the universal questions I feel free to explore in such a wondrous place.

What message would you like people to take away from "Lost?"

The opening line of the chorus (‘The moment is all we live by; we’re whole’) sums up exactly what I’d like people to take away from my song: that they’re capable and strong enough to overcome a difficult time and look forward to what the future has to offer.

What's next for you?

"Lost" is the first single from my upcoming Voyager EP, which will be dropping later this year. In the meantime, I’m constantly writing new material and enjoying making connections with new people through social media and the industry itself.