BrYonge Releases the Multi-Faceted Hit “Lazy Baby”

BrYonge released the most charismatic record that I have heard yet. His single “Lazy Baby” was a huge hit due to various reasons! Starting with the production of this record, “Lazy Baby” had an ethereal beat. The beat fused together different FX sounds mixed with creative synths and an intricate futuristic sound. The beat was funky, unique, and idiosyncratic to BrYonge. The lyrics caught our attention the most. The songwriting of “Lazy Baby” playfully gives off the theme of acceptance. BrYonge raps about a girl that has no self-drive about herself and he uses this theme to give catchy bars and punchlines. The delivery wasn’t extra nor too minimal. Instead, it was just right and BrYonge was able to showcase a lot of benefits to his artistry through his smooth-delivery and tough cadence.

BrYonge is a unique artist that stands out like a sore thumb. “Lazy Baby” is a song that sounds like it has never been sung, rap, or performed before! This means BrYonge is in his own lane, separate from the other artists that are tackling music. “Lazy Baby” is an uncomparable record that can’t be categorized in one genre since it’s so compelling and complex! We’re excited to see what’s next from this upcoming superstar!

You can listen to “Lazy Baby” by Bryonge here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic BrYonge! We have followed your 2019 career closely and we know it's been a big year for you! Tell us about the release of your new album 'Fresh For No Reason'. What's the inspiration behind it and how is it different from your debut mixtape My 2¢?

A Jedi Knight on a journey, I don't know how else to put it. I kept seeing myself in a spaceship and I was taking off I was the pilot and I'm flying through space. I'm on a path with a purpose, although I'm not sure who I'll meet or what I will keep. I'm sure I'll go through obstacles where I will be tested. My 2¢ is my raw potential. 

Your single "Lazy Baby" from the album is fire! It showcases your musical ability effortlessly. What's your favorite lyric line from the song?

Ahaa Thank you. I gotta say my fav line is "what's the info F@#k me like a nympho" yeah that one

If you could pick any artist to collaborate with on your next record, who would it be? Why?

Ouuu wow that's a tough one, I don't really think about it cause it seems so far fetch right now ahhh maybe Pharrell I think he'd be a good influence plus we got the same last name so maybe we cousins?!

What influences your creative ability?

Everything around me yo, I'm fascinated with life. Truly I came out my mom with my eyes open, I'm a curious person. I swear I have FOMO (fear of missing out) 

What's next for BrYonge in 2020?

Silent Moves, Silent Moves new project coming soon.