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Bsleazy Drips in Confidence With, "She Just Wanna"

Hip-hop artist Bsleazy flaunts pure confidence in his latest single, “She Just Wanna.”

Coming in hot from Omaha, NE, this charismatic and witty artist is taking over in his prime. Bradon John, affectionately known as Bsleazy, got into music at a young age by practicing his lyricism with freestyling. He soon ventured into writing rhymes while finding a cadence and delivery that best suits his personality in the presence he exudes.

After dropping out of high school in senior year with motivation to do so from teachers and students who would tell Bsleazy that he’ll never be anything, he used that as ammunition to fuel his fire within.

“She Just Wanna,” begins with a modern Hip-hop tempo that has you instantaneously tapping to the hypnotic Trap rhythms that are exuded. This feel-good, late-night club vibe drips with confidence and has enough charisma to fill a room.

Through the confident lyrical dexterity that Bsleazy emits, he has your speakers shaking and has you vibing to the bass supporting his rhyme schemes. Bsleazy captivates us with perfectly timed ad-libs and verses that have a magnetic pull while painting a picture of flexing all of your successes as a result of what you work hard for.

This record encompasses aspects of a late-night club banger in the realm of modern Hip-hop. With Bsleazy’s ability to transform a beat into a hit song, his delivery is mesmerizing. You can hear the passion behind each word performed as it creates a sonic voyage from the start to finish of “She Just Wanna.”

Bsleazy’s music is making quite the wave and continues to garner attention from the outside as he continues to establish his name as a promising young artist.


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