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Buca Tini Is Shutting Down All The Liars In Their Latest Track “Gaslighter”

Tempo Stokes and Kristine Kreska have teamed up to create Buca Tini! Tempo Stokes, singer/songwriter, has written for and collaborated with huge names. Some of those include: J. Lo, Kevin Hart, Drake, Robin Thicke, CeeLo, Brandy, Nelly and many many more! He also has music that is licensed for television shows. Some of those networks include The CW, BET, VH1, E, and the list goes on. This team created the single, Gaslighter and wrote it with humor to help people laugh when remembering hardships or painful situations.

Tuning into this humorous single! Wow! What an upbeat track! I was shocked upon starting the song. I love everything about this song. There is a powerhouse beat here with a lovely hip hop, funk, jazz, dance feel. You find yourself bobbing your head or dancing to this song. But if you listen to the words you really hear that in a way this is an uplifting song. Like forget that person that did you wrong or hurt you and you are bigger and better now! I love how they blended this song to make it catchy and classic at the same time. The horns really give this song that good old classic sound. I love this duo and I hope they have more to come!

Listen to "Gaslighter" here.

Hey Buca Tini! It's great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds in the music industry!

I am a film producer and music supervisor. I originally approached Tempo to write a song with me for a movie concept. After writing a few songs together, we knew we had a special synergy bringing our two worlds together. Tempo is the star talent. He’s written for and collaborated with artists such as Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, CeeLo, Robin Thicke, Brandy, Nelly & many more. He’s also licensed music for television shows on networks like The CW, BET, VH1, E!

Where are you both from?

Kristine is from Detroit and Tempo is from Los Angeles.

Buca Tini is such an interesting name, how was it created?

Now, this is a funny story... As we tried to think of a "band name" for our first song, Gaslighter, every name we could think of was already taken. Discouraged, I made myself some noodles and looked at the box in my hands... Bucatini No. 15. I quickly ran to my laptop and looked up the name, Buca Tini.

How did you two link for this collab and what sparked this track?

I wrote some lyrics and had an idea for the melody. I approached Tempo and asked his opinion. I was thrilled that he liked it and wanted to record it.

Tell us a bit about your company Music Design Network

Tempo and I wanted to create a company that bridged the gap between agencies and filmmakers. I am a filmmaker. It takes long hours to look through music libraries when searching for the "perfect vibe" to a scene. Sometimes we don't find what we are looking for and need to create original music anyway. MDN is a place where a producer or music supervisor or brand can tell us exactly what they need and why. We take that information and deliver something that matches your requirements.

Can we expect more collabs from you two in the future?

Absolutely! We have a few new songs that have not been released. It's a busy time of year and we are excited to share many new titles. Be prepared for some fun stuff!


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