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Buck Johnson Releases His Worldwide Hit “Just Feel Better”

Songwriter behind Santana and Steven Tyler’s dynamic hit collaboration.

Renowned singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Buck Johnson, co-wrote the hit single “Just Feel Better” with Jamie Houston (Miley Cyrus, Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock) and Damon Johnson (guitarist and lead singer for Brother Cane, having three No. 1 rock radio singles, including “And Fools Shine On, as well as touring with Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and Lynyrd Skynyrd). 

Buck now releases his own compelling rendition of the 2005 worldwide phenomenon, which was a song from the dynamic collaboration between Carlos Santana and Steven Tyler on the acclaimed album All That I Am. 

Buck, known for his role as the keyboardist and backing vocalist for the legendary rock band Aerosmith, the Hollywood Vampires (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen), and The Joe Perry Project, is not only continuing his journey as a soulful rock artist but is also stepping into the spotlight as a sought-after producer for fellow musicians. 

In moments of seeking solace and healing, the instinct to externalize our efforts is a common first step. “Just Feel Better” challenges conventional thinking, urging listeners to redirect their focus inward for true emotional restoration. Encouraging a transformative shift, the song advocates confronting inner pain, discovering one’s unique key to healing, and unlocking the potential for personal growth and resilience. 

"Just Feel Better” encapsulated the poignant narrative of seclusion and post-traumatic stress within an overwhelmingly challenging situation, revolving around the theme of seeking reassurance, serenity, and encouragement. Buck expresses, “This song tells the story of someone who’s spent a lifetime suffering from trauma that caused her to lose her way, and she would do anything to just feel better.” 

Drawing inspiration from the real-life struggles of a close friend,  Buck channels the profound feelings of hopelessness into the song. Serving as the narrator, Buck commences the lyrical journey with the impactful line, “She said I feel stranded, and I can’t tell anymore if I’m coming or I’m going.” In the chorus, she calls out for help. “Tell me what to do. You know I just can’t see through this haze around me, and I’ll do anything to just feel better.” In the second verse, she said, “I need you to hold me. I'm a little far from the shore, and I’m afraid of sinking.” 

Penned by Buck and his two close friends, the songwriting prowess behind “Just Feel Better” extends to accomplished individuals with remarkable achievements in the industry. Jamie Houston, one of Buck’s collaborators, credits include chart-topping hits, multi-platinum albums, and Emmy nominations. Notably, Jamie holds the record for the biggest single one-week jump in chart position in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with the song “Breaking Free,” featured on the album High School Musical. Damon Johnson, the other collaborator, has songwriter credits with Sammy Hagar and Stevie Nicks.

The songwriting process of “Just Feel Better” was an experience that accurately described the inescapable feelings of isolation and depression. It highlights the necessity of going beyond surface-level connections and truly reaching out to those in our midst, understanding that even those closest to us may be contending with internal challenges. Buck says, “It was very personal and emotional to us when we wrote it. We didn’t write the song with any intention of trying to make it a hit. It was about telling her story, and so it sort of wrote itself and was therapeutic to write it.” 

Buck’s unique interpretation injects new vitality into the track, complemented by a visually arresting music video produced by Dead Horse Branding. The video, a collaborative effort directed by Art Director and Co-Founder Rick Caballo, with Brittany Hambrick as the Assistant Director, captures the essence of the emotionally charged rock sound that defines Buck’s musical journey. 

As an artist, Buck’s powerful words in the song serve as an anthem for those who feel like they are barely hanging on, offering comfort in knowing that they are not alone. "Unfortunately, this story is a common one for a lot of people who’ve suffered, felt lost, and continue to do so. I hope the song can be emotionally cathartic to those who feel this way and are seeking help, says Buck.” 

Having shared the stage with various notable acts, Buck continues to expand his songwriting and musicianship, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. His self-produced album, mixed by Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Blues Traveler, Chris Isaak, and Trisha Yearwood), is set to launch later this year, further solidifying his place as a soulful rock artist and producer.


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