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Budding Artist GEM Entrances Listener's on Latest Release "What I Like"

GEM's artistic inception manifested itself almost instantly within a professional NYC studio at the young age of eleven. Her life's direction changed after that, and from then on, GEM would pursue her artistic intuitions to the ends of the earth. With the mentorship and guidance of her long-time collaborator, Nisha Asnani, the New York City-bred songstress gathers her influential touchstones from the likes of James Blake, Rihanna, Ariana Grande to render up her newest single titled: "What I Like."

On her latest infatuating pop and new-wave amalgamating single, GEM utilizes a pop-inspired production with whimsical sonorities and honest introspections for an original take on the freedom that comes attached to independence. Here, the supporting show lies low for the young-intoner to play over the blithe atmospheres of her mix with her magnetized voice's empyreal inflections. She resounds over the hooking lines, "I'ma do what I like, if I wanna ride, then I'll learn to drive," as blissful pads softy texturize the backdrops of the ambient expanses she's singing from.

There's a punchy backbeat that stands as the foundation for our feet to sway along with, plus low drowning keys that dissolve inebriating vibes with every transition from verse to hook. When we listen back, it's easy to imagine blasting this single from our cars' top-down seats as we adventure down the Venice-boardwalk.

There's no shortage of enamoring Pop characteristics found within "What I Like," and as GEM softly exudes her embellishing vocals into our lives with a timeless character, we can help back race over to the repeat button for one more spin.

Can you run us through the writing and recording process for "What I Like"? What kinds of emotions were you channeling for this song's story-line? 

I wrote “What I Like” at a time when I was feeling stuck and found myself wanting to please people. I realized that putting the opinions of other people before my own happiness was weighing me down, and taking a toll on my creativity. “What I Like” is a song about freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back, and putting yourself first. 

How do you manage to come up with one Pop-hit after the other at such a young age? And do you feel like your time in New York left a fundamental texture in the sounds of this latest single?

I never put pressure on myself to write a “hit” song before a session. I feel like the second you make it about hits, it takes away from the creative process because it becomes about numbers. When I write, that’s the time for me to just let all of the thoughts and emotions flow, and not think so much about what’s going to sell. I think that’s why the songs come so easily. 

Where do you see yourself artistical over the next few years? Are there any musical directions you've gained interest in that you might want to experiment with in the future? 

Over the next few years, I definitely see myself writing more pop, but also leaning more into the R&B feel. I want to experience with more flowy melodies and simple yet powerful production. Overall, I want to bring a sense of maturity into my songs, so that my sound matches my personality and experiences.

Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your Artist career thus far, and what would you say to them now if they were here?

My biggest supporters throughout my career have been my parents! I’m so lucky to have a family that supports my goals. It’s not easy by any means to go for a career in music, but having people in your corner who have your back no matter what can make all the difference. Having that safe space to create and take risks is the reason why I get to make music, and I’m very grateful for that. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a plot twist for sure, but I’m motivated by the hopes that things will get back to normal in the future! I was really looking forward to touring, and that’s one thing that I’d really love to do once it’s safe again. Eventually, things will be better, and I want to be ready to hit the ground running once they are. 



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