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Build Up Your Thoughts With Emily Curtis' "Sandcastles"

Emily Curtis is a soulful singer-songwriter with a southern flair. The artist began making waves with her guitar and smooth vocals in the Charleston, SC music scene in 2015 and has since released her own music including a crowd-funded EP and a steady stream of singles.

At the end of the day, Emily Curtis hopes to lead people to a place of wholeness and belonging feeling empowered to "Leave a Mark" using the unique gifts and strengths that each person possesses.

As Emily Curtis takes listeners to explore the dreamscape production of her latest single “Sandcastles,” we’re swept away into a blissful utopia that submerges us in hues of nostalgia.

Collaborating with the talented producer Micah Nichols, the duo does an exceptional job at allowing this track to heighten the senses of each listener, as "Sandcastles" elevates us to a newfound dimension of familiarity.

Eloquently immersing us in the warmth of the acoustic guitar progressions, we feast upon the authentic methods that are unveiled as Emily Curtis connects with us on an interpersonal level. Her deep and prevailing timbres soar through the composition as you hang onto each word she gloriously performs from the heart.

Poetically navigating through the songwriting attributes of Emily Curtis, the song’s narrative reminisces on the elegiac disparity between childhood and adulthood: creating for the joy and passion that comes alongside it, versus creating for success and social status.

Applying a well-thought-out use of prominence on particular words she drives home, the moody atmosphere is highlighted through layers of frank vulnerability, as Emily Curtis shares a piece of her life with us. “Sandcastles,” takes you by the hand and eases you into everything you once knew, and are destined to find out in this crazy little thing called life.

Congratulations on the release of the heartfelt single, “Sandcastles.” We love this acoustically driven ballad. With such a deep sense of your own self reflected in this record, how did you find the process of creating this song?

This song was a long time coming for me. I knew the comparison between the lives we build and building temporary sandcastles was important and I wanted to get it right. I think having spent time away from the noise of normal life through covid, I was in a mental place that was really in tune with the reality that we can make plans and do a lot of work but holding too tightly to things that fade away is a dangerous gamble. The things we do, and the positions we hold shouldn't be what validates our existence. Being born is proof that you matter and add value. The song poured out pretty quickly under the intense extended circumstances of 2020.

With a music video on the way, how does the video reflect the nature of “Sandcastles”? Are there any memorable moments that you experienced on set?

The house, 20 South Battery, itself is obviously beautiful, but it was falling apart when Dr. Schaeffer found it. His mission became about preserving the stories and lives of the people who once lived and visited there and less about the glory of a pretty house. It took someone being passionate about something deeper to bring it back to life. I thought it was a perfect parallel.

Just knowing how many historical moments and individuals were inside those same walls since 1848 reminds me that I am part of the story, not the main character. In a sense it's like being teammates with people from over a hundred years ago.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the messaging in “Sandcastles”?

I hope it helps to level the playing field of that unspoken social hierarchy people feel when they walk into a room full of strangers feeling unworthy or overlooked. All of us relate to the longing to achieve something. I hope people recognize the fragility of life and the things that distract us from real joy, and that they recognize the strength and beauty of the soul. I hope people see themselves as God's masterpieces, created on purpose, for a purpose.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

To point people to a place of wholeness and experience connection to other humans through lyrics that get to the heart of issues, and through living authentically on stage, online, and in my relationships. I hope my music brings the best out of people and gets them "unstuck" if they're feeling lost.

What's next for you?

Keep writing and writing and writing. It's a muscle that I have to be disciplined about training. Having a strong catalog of 20 more great songs is my goal. For every really good song, there are about 10 okay songs, so you do the math. Also, I'm getting deeper into the tv and sync world so I am hopeful that one or more of my songs will be placed and find a larger audience soon! Then maybe just maybe I can buy that townhouse in my hometown of Charleston that I've been saving up for.

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