Bust out Your Loudest Speakers for Lost God’s New Song, “Bruce" From His New Album '13 More'

Hailing us from California, coming from St. Louis, is the hip-hop artist Lost God. Lost God is using music as a haven and a way to express his emotions fully. Lost God recently released his high energy new album ’13 More’, and from top to bottom, it is sure to make the club walls shake. Looking closely at '13 More’, we were genuinely intrigued by the tune “Bruce,” and is it a flaming hot bop. “Bruce” off the bat has an incredible edge to it, it completely caught us by surprise, and we are vibing with it. Lost God manages to create a lyrically strong record that keeps its pace over a heavy thundering 808 drum kit that will push your speakers to the limits. With the highlight lyric, “Call me, master. Bruce”, Lost God can make a memorable hard-hitting tune that we can’t get enough of. While listening to “Bruce,” we couldn’t help but feel like we are transported to a tense night club that had the music going so strong that we thought our insides were shaking, this sense of adrenaline lasted from the moment the first beat hits you, and it will be a hard one ever to forget. We are excited to hear what is next to come from Lost God on the rest of his ’13 More’ album.

You can listen to “Bruce” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lost God! We’re loving that edgy mood you created in “Bruce”! What inspired you to go down this direction artistically? Do you have any influences that inspired you? What inspired me to go down this direction artistically was honestly my emotions at the moment I just felt like I was on top of the world. When I heard the beat play I just knew it was going to be something amazing. Kid Cudi plays a hugely influential role in my life. His music helped me out of a dark spot He is THE G.O.A.T. This release has an incredibly catchy hook! We loved the “Call me master Bruce”, what was your inspiration behind this lyric? What does this lyric and the rest of the song mean to you? The inspiration behind "Call Me Master Bruce' Came from me thinking about someone that people respect regardless of what they do. First-person was Bruce Wayne so I rolled with it. The lyrics to this song are a comparison of my life to Batman and what I think he would be like if he was in the present time. Now residing in California, how did you find the change from St. Louis? Do you feel like you have taken some of that St. Louise sound with you? What are some things you try to do to stick out from everyone in California? St.Louis Missouri to San Diego California was a huge culture shock for me from the style of clothing and diversity and slang to the beaches and mountains. I like it here I feel better I feel free. I don't think I took St.Louis sound with me at all I feel like I created my own wave and unique sound. To stick out from others out here in Cali is easy because of my accent and the way I dress to my gold teeth.  We loved hearing that you use music as a safe haven and a way to express yourself, what are some ways that you bring yourself to peace to write? Do you have a certain happy spot that you go to write? When I want to find peace I go to my home studio, turn off all the lights and turn off all my electronic devices and lock the studio door and begin to create. I don't write my music its mostly thought up on the spot or things that I been thinking about %98 of the time. What are some of your goals for 2020? For 2020 my goals are to get this album to as many people as possible. I will also be working with more famous and well-known artists from all over. I put my heart into this project and I'm not going to stop until I'm Bruce.