BuzzMusic Artist of the Day: Hip Hop Blender Femi Releases a Multitude of Tracks Throughout 2019

Nigerian-Canadian artist Femi is making waves in the current Hip Hop and Rap environment we're presented with today. Femi believes he has artistic attributes that the world hasn't seen from any other artist yet, and he's more than ready to share these features through his music! Femi's "ICY" has an underground, dark and mystic feel to its initial intro to the production. Then, Femi's vocal integration breaks the dark ambiance and creates more of a psychedelic beat. He advances his sound by adding in some sly and catchy verses, which caught our attention almost right away. Once our attention was caught, we were completely drawn in and hypnotized by the lyrical outflow. Then, Femi brought in an eclectic moment of production where the entire beat and vocal delivery switches up, providing the ultimate climax for "ICY".

As for 2019 soundings, Femi has released tracks such as "Doubt?", "Greezy" and "No Pressure", which all offer up the same type of environment we were gifted with during "ICY". It's within these singles that the contrast of Femi's sound shines through. He's able to successfully integrate both harsh and soft vocal soundings, which gives for the most fitting contrast in a Hip Hop and Rap track. We believe that the Hip/Hop community is completely ready for what Femi has to bring in this stage of the era, and we're personally ready for more to come from Femi!

Listen to the track releases of Femi here.

Hey there, Femi! Congratulations on a successful 2019! This past year has seen many releases from you. How do you feel looking back at the number of tracks you came out with, and the amount of work you put into them?