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BuzzMusic Catches Up With Artist Jay Nomad!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jay Nomad! How inspiring has the NYC scene been for you so far?

Thank you. I’m happy to feature on BuzzMusic again! NYC is an awesome place to get inspiration from other musicians and artists. I recently played a show here at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn and the support was amazing. I’m now looking for singers to do collaborations for my next songs.

We took a look at your latest video “Forever And Ever” and we loved it! How did you manage to complement the song meaning with the visual? 

“Forever and Ever” is about summer love basically. The typical story of the guy who meets the girl and is immediately attracted to her. In the video we try to highlight that concept by showing the interaction between a model/dancer and the photographer. Many of the scenes focus mostly on her while she’s in the shoot and dancing on the street. 

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in creating the video?

Our team had little experience making music videos although they’d worked in videography for other fields. I was the only one with some previous experience so I knew I couldn’t work on a complicated storyline. We basically improvised during most of the recording and for some of the team members it was hard to work that way because they’re used to having a set storyline. So trying to communicate my spontaneous ideas was a bit of an obstacle at first but we eventually made it work. 

How was “Forever and Ever” directed? Was the production of this visual a smooth experience? 

I was basically the executive producer and director through my small company “Nomad Creative Studios” I hired three friends to work with me, Tony Yang from Paperstudios and Jeeranan for videography, and Phillip Tour for lighting. The actress, Kaoru Tani, is also a dancer and a sword action performer from Japan. She’s amazing! She had no problem working with us and posing for the camera. Very professional!

We recorded some of the scenes at SLIC studios in Long Island City. It definitely helps that it’s summer since we have a lot of sunlight, something you guys enjoy year-round in LA, but unfortunately here we have it for just a couple of months. 

For the editing I worked with one of my business partners Morcio Martinelli who’s an old friend of mine from Colombia. He’s a music video director and editor. The guy worked on one of my music videos back when I had a band in Bogota. He’s amazing. The whole experience in general was fun and I’m glad I worked with the team. 

What’s next for you Jay Nomad?

There’s still a lot of stuff I’m working on this year. I’m releasing another single called “Jade’s Ballad” on September 20th. It’s a song with a much darker tone to it since it talks about abusive relationships. After that I won’t be releasing singles until January so I’ll be working on my own remixes and making alternate versions to the 5 songs I already have. In November I’ll also start pre-production on new music for 2020. I’m planning to visit Thailand and Colombia where I have a good following already and play some shows there. I’ll keep you all posted at BuzzMusic. I’m so thankful for the support you’ve given me. Hopefully I can visit you in LA as well. 

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